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Scam City presented Conor Woodman scammed Amsterdam
The National Geographic Channel admits that its Scam City TV series uses actors paid to stage crimes.

Presenter Conor Woodman is in on the act, but he remains belligerent about it. The City of Amsterdam did not take the broadcast lying down. »

Banking / Currency ExchangeVisitors Guide:
Money Change Amsterdam
We’ll show you the best places in Amsterdam to exchange your pounds, dollars, and other foreign money into euros.

Also: currency changing pitfalls to avoid. »

A court has ruled that the city of Amsterdam is within its right in closing a number of cannabis cafes in the center of town.

The closures are part of a project to upgrade Amsterdam’s medieval center. »

Crime and Safety:
Pint-sized pickpockets, bold muggers, and even bolder fake policemen. When in Amsterdam, as anywhere, beware of thieves.

And we’ll show you why you should also beware of the Scam City television show. »

EventsThings To Do:
King's Day
King’s Day in Amsterdam: it’s the world’s largest street party.

Until Queen Beatrix abdicated in favor or her son this birthday party, celebrated throughout the Netherlands, was known as Queen’s Day. 2015 will mark the second King’s Day, in honor of King Willem-Alexander. »

Hotel sign
The City of Amsterdam has approved a new law that allows residents to rent out their privately-owned homes for limited periods of time.

The law, which creates a ‘private rental’ category, was written with Airbnb and similar services in mind. »

Amsterdam cannabis cafe The Grasshopper
Famous cannabis café The Grasshopper, which often was the first stop for Amsterdam tourists in search of marijuana, has lost its license to operate.

The coffeeshop is one of the first victims of Project 1012, designed to spruce up downtown Amsterdam. »

Amsterdam coffee shops (cannabis cafes)
As part of nationwide policy of discouraging drug use among underage youth, Amsterdam is closing 31 cannabis cafes (known as ‘coffeeshops’) that are located too close to high schools.

But Amsterdam remains the Coffeeshop Capital of the World.

Update, December 18, 2013:: 3 coffeeshops on the list will not have to close after all »

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 The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace at Amsterdam's Dam Square was once referred to by some as 'the world's eighth wonder.'

But as anyone who has seen the building knows, you'll have to go inside to understand why that was so.

 Visit an Amsterdam Cafe

The Dutch use cafés and their outdoor terraces like an extension of their living room. They’re comfortable places where you can relax, shoot the breeze, read, write, or do nothing at all.

bullet how to visit an Amsterdam café

 Amsterdam Tourist Information

Amsterdam emblem
A handy guide to basic information about Amsterdam, including:


Raamgracht, Amsterdam
Amsterdam’s July weather can be precarious: it’s the warmest month of the year, but you can also encounter wet and cool days (or weeks, even).

Right now we’re having a heatwave, though.

Oh, and the sun rises before 6 am and sets around 9:30 pm, making for long days to be enjoyed outdoors. »
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Amsterdam HotelsHotels Amsterdam


 Dam Square

Palace on Dam Square
Dam Square (or, as locals say, 'De Dam') is the Amsterdam's best-known square. It is a handy central location from which to explore the medieval city centre.
Dam Square, Amsterdam

Here's what to see, what to avoid, and where to get something to eat and drink.

Plus: Was this the spot where Amsterdam got its name?

 10 Top Museums

Amsterdam Museums
If you only have time to visit a few of Amsterdam's 40+ museums, here are ten top suggestions:

 Public Transport

Amsterdam public transport
Amsterdam has an extensive, reliable public transport system that includes buses, trams (trolleys), metro (underground), and ferries.

 Cafés and Pubs

Amsterdam restaurant
April 5, 2014
Ordering a beer is simple enough, of course, but knowing the Dutch lingo for doing so can certainly help foreigners get exactly what they want. »