Amsterdam Europe’s Eight Most Popular City Destination

Amsterdam is Europe’s eight most popular city destination for international tourists.

It also ranks in 27th place on a listing of the world’s leading cities in terms of international tourist arrivals.

The organization behind the index does not that places such as Venice, Barcelona, Berlin, and Amsterdam, are suffering from excessive tourism.


The Westerkerk is Amsterdam’s — and indeed Holland’s — most famous church. At its completion, in 1631, it was the largest Protestant church in the world.

Crooners have written countless songs about the Westerkerk and its tower. Anne Frank and her family described hearing its bells from their hiding place. The painter Rembrandt van Rijn is buried in the church.

One of the city’s most photographed monuments.

SAIL 2015

Held every five years, SAIL Amsterdam is the largest free public event in the world.

Come and see dozens of tall ships, marine ships, and a flotilla of hundreds of other maritime history vessels.

Spectacular panoramic views of Amsterdam

A temporary art installation in the form of a panorama deck atop the Old Church, in the center of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, provide fantastic views across the entire city.

Tickets are €10 per person, and you’ll have quite a climb ahead of you, but you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views and unique photos.

The River IJ, Amsterdam’s Waterfront

The river IJ is the lifeblood of Amsterdam. It allowed traders to grow a small settlement in the delta of the river Amstel into a world-renowned trading city that brought about Holland’s Golden Age.

Today the river connects the Port of Amsterdam — and the North Sea beyond — with the rest of the continent.

Over the past few decades shipyards and other industrial business have closed or moved further west, giving way to a countless exciting developments and projects along the banks of the river.

Free ferries, parks, cultural hot spots, harbor cruises, and a constant parade of ships — from dinghies and sail yachts to cargo vessels and cruise ships — make the IJ a must-see attraction in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam’s oldest house

Hidden behind a rather boring 19th century façade, Amsterdam’s oldest house dates back to 1485.

Until 2012, when the house was dated, another structure was believed to be the city’s oldest.

Here’s the story behind Warmoesstraat 90.

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