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Rent room Amsterdam
Housing in Amsterdam is at a premium, so students and interns tend to have a hard time finding a room. We list several services and advertisers that list rooms for rent.

We also give tips on how to avoid scams.

Updated with more information. For instance, is your room legal or illegal? Are you allowed to register? »

Amsterdam emblem
The Coat of Arms of the city of Amsterdam is somewhat of an enigma: not much is known about its origins or its precise meaning.

However, we do know that the three X’s don’t stand for anything untoward. »

Sail Amsterdam 2015
Held every five years, SAIL Amsterdam is the largest free public event in the world.

Come and see dozens of tall ships, marine ships, and a flotilla of hundreds of other maritime history vessels. »

Amsterdam panoramic views
A temporary art installation in the form of a panorama deck atop the Old Church, in the center of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, provide fantastic views across the entire city.

Tickets are €10 per person, and you’ll have quite a climb ahead of you, but you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views and unique photos. »

Amsterdam Het IJ
The river IJ is the lifeblood of Amsterdam. It allowed traders to grow a small settlement in the delta of the river Amstel into a world-renowned trading city that brought about Holland’s Golden Age.

Today the river connects the Port of Amsterdam — and the North Sea beyond — with the rest of the continent.

Over the past few decades shipyards and other industrial business have closed or moved further west, giving way to a countless exciting developments and projects along the banks of the river.

Free ferries, parks, cultural hot spots, harbor cruises, and a constant parade of ships — from dinghies and sail yachts to cargo vessels and cruise ships — make the IJ a must-see attraction in Amsterdam. »

amsterdam oldest house
Hidden behind a rather boring 19th century façade, Amsterdam’s oldest house dates back to 1485.

Until 2012, when the house was dated, another structure was believed to be the city’s oldest.

Here’s the story behind Warmoesstraat 90. »

EventsGay and Lesbian:
Gay Pride Amsterdam
Amsterdam’s annual Gay Pride Canal Parade is the second most popular event in town, with 80 floats and over half a million spectators.

The popular parade is the highlight of a week-long of gay pride events. »

MusicSouthern Canal Belt:
Paradiso, Amsterdam
Located in a former church, Paradiso is known as Amsterdam’s Pop Temple — one of Holland’s foremost live music venues.

It offers an eclectic mix of music: jazz, fusion, garage, ska, latin, funk, soul… The hall has been filled with Maroccan dance music, an Elvis Presley Church Service, and even some contemporary classical music. »

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 The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace at Amsterdam's Dam Square was once referred to by some as 'the world's eighth wonder.'

But as anyone who has seen the building knows, you'll have to go inside to understand why that was so.

 Visit an Amsterdam Cafe

The Dutch use cafés and their outdoor terraces like an extension of their living room. They’re comfortable places where you can relax, shoot the breeze, read, write, or do nothing at all.

bullet how to visit an Amsterdam café

 Dam Square

Palace on Dam Square
Dam Square (or, as locals say, 'De Dam') is the Amsterdam's best-known square. It is a handy central location from which to explore the medieval city centre.
Dam Square, Amsterdam

Here's what to see, what to avoid, and where to get something to eat and drink.

Plus: Was this the spot where Amsterdam got its name?

 10 Top Museums

Amsterdam Museums
If you only have time to visit a few of Amsterdam's 40+ museums, here are ten top suggestions:

 Public Transport

Amsterdam public transport
Amsterdam has an extensive, reliable public transport system that includes buses, trams (trolleys), metro (underground), and ferries.

 Cafés and Pubs

Amsterdam restaurant
April 5, 2014
Ordering a beer is simple enough, of course, but knowing the Dutch lingo for doing so can certainly help foreigners get exactly what they want. »

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