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Amsterdam weather in April

April in Amsterdam brings good news and bad news when it comes to the weather.

The good news: this is normally the driest month of the year. It does rain, but the spring showers are usually short-lived and not too wet.

Oh… and we’ve got millions — MILLIONS — of flowers.

canalside terrace, amsterdam

A terrace alongside Singel canal in the center of Amsterdam

The bad news: April is a month with sharp contrasts.

April doet wat hij wil, the Dutch say. It means that ‘April does whatever it wishes to do,’ which can include anything from abundant sunshine and almost summertime temperatures to, well, snow on the ground.

Erratic weather, from day to day and sometimes hour to hour.

Weather Forecast

Updated April 25, 2017

As usual, weather-wise April is feast or famine. While we’ve had some warm days, it hasn’t been warm and spring-like this past week — and the current week isn’t that much better. It is, in fact, quite cold.

We’ll see hit and miss weather with lots of clouds, some sun, and from time to time some rain. Good weather to visit museums and cafes.

Still, from now until the end of the first week of May is prime time to visit Holland’s famous tulip and flower fields and gardens.

Wednesday (26) Partly sunny — but more clouds than sun. Possibly some intermittent, scattered light rain or drizzle in the morning and afternoon. Today’s high temperature of 9° Celsius (48.2° Fahrenheit) hangs around for most of the afternoon.

Thursday — King’s Day (27) This King’s Day may well be one of the coldest and wettest in decades. At times even the possibility of wet snow or hail was mentioned, but at the moment it looks like it will be partly sunny — with more clouds than sun — throughout the day. Some sunny intervals, perhaps. If we’re lucky we’ll have less rain than initially thought, but there’s a possibility that we’ll see some brief, intermittent, scattered light rain showers. Afternoon high around 10° Celsius (50° Fahrenheit).

Friday (28) Partly sunny, with more clouds than sun. Intermittent, light rain showers possible from early morning through late afternoon. Mid-afternoon high temperature: 9-11° Celsius (48.2-51.8° Fahrenheit).

Saturday (29) Partly sunny, and except for some possible drizzle in the early morning it is expected to remain dry. Weather pros disagree as to what temperature it will be, with suggestion running anywhere from 10-15° Celsius (50&-59#176; Fahrenheit).

Sunday (30) Early morning sun gives way to increasing clouds — or, if you believe one weather forecast service, it will remain quite sunny throughout most of the afternoon. Today’s high temperature could be as high as 17° Celsius (62.6° Fahrenheit) in the afternoon. No rain.

Monday (May 1) Partly sunny. No rain. Mid-afternoon high: 16° Celsius (60.8° Fahrenheit).

Long-range forecast: See May weather

Normal highs and lows in April:

1-10: 3.8 – 11.6° Celsius (38.84 – 52.88° Fahrenheit)

11:20: 4.2 – 12.6° Celsius (39.56 – 54.68° Fahrenheit)

21-30: 6 – 15.2° Celsius (42.8 – 59.36° Fahrenheit)

Book your Amsterdam museums, excursions and activities ahead of time:

Queen’s Day King’s Day Weather

But what everyone wants to know this time of year is: What will the weather be like on King’s Day (formerly: Queen’s Day)?

We’re talking about the world’s biggest street party — when millions of Dutch people (wearing something orange, of course) take to the streets and canals to celebrate the King’s birthday.

boat parade Queen's Day

Queen’s Day 2012 (nowadays it’s King’s Day) at Korte Prinsengracht, Amsterdam

King’s Day will take place on April 27, the King’s birthday.

We’ve often had good weather. But at times there have been grey skies as well — which tends to make for a somewhat less abundant party atmosphere. (‘Somewhat less’ is relevant. You haven’t seen a party this big anywhere else).

Amsterdam hotels

See Holland’s Tulip & Flower Fields and Gardens

If you like tulips and other flowers, April is the ideal month in which to visit Amsterdam.

Excursions to the nearby tulip and bulb fields, as well as the world-renowned Keukenhof (known as the Garden of Europe, one of the world’s largest flower gardens) are popular with tourists and locals alike.

Many people combine their visit to the Keukenhof with a tour of the flower fields and/or an excursion to the famous windmills at Zaansche Schans.

When do the tulips bloom?

Tulips bloom from the end of March to the middle of May. Normally the best time to visit the tulip fields is during the last 2 weeks of April and the first week of May, when the flowers are at their peak.

However, around the 30th of April most of the flowers in the fields are ‘topped.’ That means the flowers are cut off in order to stimulate the bulbs to grow. There will be some flowers left in the fields — just not as many.

The exception is Keukenhof.

In 2017, Keukenhof is open From March 23 through May 21. Plan your visit as soon as possible.


Note that on average in April the sun shines on Amsterdam 177 hours.

That works out to 43 per cent of the time that it could possible shine — a marked improvement over the 33 per cent we normally get in March.

Amsterdam Weather Facts: April

• Average lows: 3.3° C (38° F)
• Average highs: 12.8° C (55° F)

Sunrise & Sunset
• April 1 – 7:16 a.m. / 8:13 p.m
• April 30 – 6:13 a.m. / 9:02 p.m.

• Average: 47 mm (1.8 inches) in 72 hours

What to wear in Amsterdam in April

Working on laptops in Amsterdam

Two men take advantage of the sun while getting some work done at the intersection of two car-free streets in the center of Amsterdam

You’ll want to come prepared for bright, sunny weather and warm spring-time temperatures. Or bright, sunny weather and low temperatures. Or the type of storms that make you think it’s fall.

In other words, try and determine what kind of weather the day brings and dress accordingly. Dress in layers so you can add or subtract something if and when the weather changes.

A light jacket is a good idea.

You can pick up inexpensive umbrellas just about anywhere, but if you do encounter a spot of rain simply make a beeline into the nearest café — just like the Dutch do.


  • On warm, sunny days Amsterdammers come out in droves in order to shop, relax in a park, or people watch at outdoor cafés. It’s a good idea to join them. You’ll hear Dutch people say something like, “Zullen we een terrasje pakken?” which means “Shall we sit on a terrace?” (literally, ‘shall we take a terrace’). By all means, do the same. Here’s how to order a beer in Amsterdam.
  • Take advantage of the lengthening days — courtesy of nature and helped a bit by the ‘Summer Time’ (Daylight Saving Time) that started the last Sunday of March. At the beginning of April sunset is around 8pm, and by the end of the month it stays light out till about 9pm.

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