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Tipping in Holland

Tips Already Included, But…

By law, all restaurants, pubs, cafés, night clubs sightseeing companies, hotels and similar establishments in the Netherlands must include BTW (value added tax) and tips in their published prices.

However, leaving a tip (fooi (sounds like ‘foy’ with a drawn-out ‘o’) is customary in restaurants, bars, and pubs. Don’t overdo it, but don’t be stingy either. 5%-10% of the total amount is a good guideline if you are just having a light snack and something to drink; 10%-15% for a more extensive meal.

If you brought a large group, were otherwise extra-demanding, or received what you consider to be exceptional service, make someone’s day and add a little extra.

While the word ‘tips’ is said to be derived from the phrase, ‘To Insure Promptness of Service,’ tipping is also welcome at those typical Amsterdam pubs where slow service is designed to make you feel at home.

Taxis in most towns have tips included in the rates (which in Amsterdam are outrageously high compared to many other international cities). Still, it is customary to generously round up to the next $5 or $10 amount.

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This post was last updated: Feb. 1, 2019