Amsterdam weather in June

In terms of weather, June is a good month to visit Amsterdam.

Overall you can expect quite a bit of sunshine, with lots of blue skies and a normal average temperature of 15° C (59° F) — and daytime highs of 19-20° C (66.2-68° F).

Brouwersgracht, basking in the kind of weather than makes Amsterdam look at its best

Brouwersgracht, basking in the kind of weather than makes Amsterdam look at its best

Mind you, the Dutch grew up with this more of less standard weather forecast for this time of the year: In the morning sunshine and here and there’ some rain; in the afternoon sunshine with now and then a shower. (A brilliant forecast, right?)

Fortunately the rain showers tend to be rather short and scattered.

As for the sunny part, it is rare that you see a completely blue sky, because the sun often has to compete with — for the most part — cumulus clouds.

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Update: June 20, 2016

Monday (20) A massive rain front is slowly passing over the entire country, with weather forecast services promising 12-15 hours of constant showers. Look for 16° Celsius (60.8° Fahrenheit) throughout the afternoon.

Tuesday (21) Mostly cloudy, likely with (partial) sunny spells throughout the day. Possibly some scattered, light rain in the afternoon — along with a high of 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit) between about 1 and 8 pm.

Wednesday (22) More weather forecasters foresee a nice, though quite cloudy day interspersed with (partial) sunny spells. One weather service foresees possible rain and/or thundershowers in the afternoon. At any rate, it may be as warm as 23-24° Celsius (73.4-75.2° Fahrenheit) throughout the afternoon and into the early evening.

Thursday (23) Heavy clouds, with rain- and/or thundershowers possible throughout the day. Expect afternoon high temperature of 23-24° Celsius (73.4-75.2° Fahrenheit) — perhaps even higher.

Friday (24) A near-repeat of yesterday’s weather: Heavy clouds, with rain- and/or thundershowers possible throughout the day. Expect afternoon high temperature of 23-24° Celsius (73.4-75.2° Fahrenheit). One weather forecast service predicts slightly higher temperatures, the others suggest slightly lower ones.

Saturday (25) Cloudy, but with sunny intervals. Dry, and an afternoon high of about 18° Celsius (64.6° Fahrenheit).

Sunday (26) Quite cloudy; sunny intervals, and around 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit) throughout the afternoon.

Long term forecast, Sunday June 19 through Sunday June 26: Decreasing chance of precipitation. Maximum temperatures around normal for the time of year. From mid-term, there is small chance (20%) of dry and warm weather.


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Normal lows and high in June:

1-10: 10.6 / 19.4° Celsius (51.08 / 66.92° Fahrenheit)
11-20: 10.8 / 19.2° Celsius (51.44 / 66.56° Fahrenheit)
21-30: 11.7 / 20.3° Celsius (53.06 / 68.54° Fahrenheit)

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Amsterdam Weather Facts: June

• Average lows: 10° C (50° F)
• Average highs: 20° C (68° F)

Sunrise & Sunset
• June 1 – 5:25 a.m. / 9:21 p.m
• June 30 – 5:22 a.m. / 22:06 p.m.

• Average: 73 mm (2.9 inches) in 72 hours

What to wear in Amsterdam in June

For the most past it’s shorts and T-shirts weather — or, as the case may be, skirts and tops or summer dresses. Short sleeves!
Amsterdam: girl, bike, summer dress
Jeans, light slacks, or — if you tend to be on the cold side — light sweats are fine, too, especially at night.

As always you should plan for a mix of weather: lots of sunshine interspersed with (brief) showers and/or overcast days.

Don’t go overboard with the rain gear. The weather is mild, even when it rains and/or is overcast. If thundershowers are in the forecast it can be muggy as well.

You’ll just have to play it by ear. If it looks like it’s going to rain for quite some time, visit a museum and/or catch a movie. If only showers are expected, enjoy the outdoors and pop into a pub, coffeeshop (or coffee house) or an eatery for a while.

When it’s sunny and the skies are blue, you can take fantastic photos in Amsterdam.

Just remember: your pictures will have the bluest skies when you shoot them while standing with your back turned toward the sun. Otherwise the sky tends to come out rather white.

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