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One in three Amsterdammers rides bike to work — One third of working Amsterdammers commutes to and from work on a bicycle.

Of the nearly 128.000 people, 120.000 work in the city and 8.000 work outside Amsterdam.

So says a recently published report prepared by O+S, the Department for Research and Statistics — the research facility for the municipality of Amsterdam.

Among the 280.000 people who work in Amsterdam bicycles are the most popular form of transportation: 43 percent bikes to work.

Public transport takes a second place (35%).

Almost a quart of Amsterdammers takes a car to work — particularly those who work in North or Westpoort. North is among the Amsterdam boroughs that are easiest to reach by car. Westpoort — with an area of over 35 square kilometers one of the three largest industrial estates in the Netherlands — is the economic engine of Amsterdam. The approximately 2,200 companies located there employ 10 percent of Amsterdam’s workforce.

Among those who bike to work there are relatively high percentages of women, highly educated Amsterdammers, autochthonous and Western allochthonous people.

In all, bikes account for 40 percent of all traffic movements in Amsterdam — a figure that has contributed to making Amsterdam the most bicycle-friendly city in the world.[1]

1) The Copenhagenize Index, Bicycle-Friendy Cities 2011

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