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Video: Ice Skating on the Canals

DutchAmsterdam — Technically it’s still winter, of course, but today the sun is shining and the deep freeze that had all the Netherlands in its grip for a week or so is only a memory.

While it is still cold, the weather in Amsterdam currently is normal for this time of the year — and the weather forecast calls for more of the same.

With that in mind, here we present one more video of the ice skating fun we Amsterdammers had last week:

The video, produced by Yoran Staas of YESimages, is shown in 8mm retro style – like an old 20’s movie.

Staas says he was inspired by the black-and-white Dutch TV commercials for Old Amsterdam cheese. Those ads featured a song by Flemish artist Kris de Bruyne. Click the link to view those commercials — along with a translation of the song’s lyrics.

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This post was last updated: Dec. 9, 2014