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Amsterdam Weather in July

July generally is the warmest month of the year in Amsterdam, with temperatures ranging between nighttime lows of 13° C (54° F) and midday highs around 22° C (72° F).

girl in the sun

Girl studying in the sun on Museumplein

Mind you, historically July weather has always been precarious at best (as is Dutch weather in general, no matter what month you pick).

You never quite know what you’re going to encounter — especially nowadays, what with global warming and other allegedly non-existent meteorological phenomena.

Updated on July 26, 2016:

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Wednesday (27) Mostly overcast and scattered, light showers — though some more optimistic foresters see the potential of some partial sun in the morning. Quite warm and humid throughout the day, with a high temperature of 21° Celsius (69.8° Fahrenheit) in the early afternoon.

Thursday (28) A near repeat of yesterday’s weather, albeit with some periods of partial sunshine from the late morning through the early evening. And yes, those scattered, light rain showers. Slightly cooler, with a mid-afternoon high of about 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit).

Friday (29) Overcast through mid-afternoon, followed by some partial sun or sunny spells. Dry except for some early morning drizzle. Afternoon high of about 18° Celsius (64.4° Fahrenheit).

Saturday (30) A mixture of partial sun and sunny spells. Afternoon high around 19° Celsius (66.2° Fahrenheit). Dry, but one forecaster foresees scattered light rain showers from the late morning and lasting throughout the afternoon.

Sunday (31) The weather forecasts we consult are all over the place. Some claim today will be overcast till mid-afternoon, with scattered light rain showers from about 11 am to 3 pm. Others say it will remain dry and partially sunny, and then there’s one forecaster who predicts that partial sun and sunny spells will be intermixed with scattered, light rain showers. Sigh. Right now we think it will remain dry. Late afternoon high: 18° Celsius (64.4° Fahrenheit).

Monday (August 1) Partially sunny and sunny spells interplay throughout the day. And yes, some forecasters warn there might be some scattered light rain showers. Mid afternoon high temperature around 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit).

Long-term forecast: Tuesday August 2 through Tuesday August 9: Lightly changeable weather, with maximum temperatures between 20-25° Celsius (68-77° Fahrenheit).

See our general weather overview for Amsterdam.


August Weather

Normal lows and highs in July

1-10: 13/21.6° Celsius (55.4/70.88° Fahrenheit)
11-20: 13.3/21.8° Celsius (55.94/71.24° Fahrenheit)
21-31: 13.8/22.6° Celsius (56.84/72.68° Fahrenheit)

arrow We update this Amsterdam Weather in July information throughout the month.

Good news: July used to be the third wettest month of the year, but lately it has ranked somewhere in the middle.

If you do run into some rain it’s usually not enough to use an umbrella for.

Most showers are brief, and sometimes there’s little more than a drizzle.

Just pop into a store or a café to wait it out.

And if it looks like a day with the sort of weather you dislike, plan to visit a museum or two.

By the way, sunrise is before 6:00 am and sunset is somewhere around 9:30 pm.

When the weather is sunny, do like the Amsterdammers do and enjoy some relaxing time at one of the many outdoor cafés.

Windmills and cloudy sky

De Zaansche Schans is a working community/outdoor museum just outside Amsterdam. Shown here under a typical June/July sky.

Summer Storm 2015

On Saturday, July 25, 2015, the Netherlands saw it heaviest summer storm since 1901, the year in which the Royal Dutch Meteorological Service started keeping track of the weather. This was only the second ever storm of this force (9-10 Bft winds). The first took place on August 12, 1914.

KNMI's Code Red means people have to be alert to severe danger: falling trees, falling roof tiles, flying debris, et cetera.

KNMI’s Code Red means people have to be alert to severe danger: falling trees, falling roof tiles, flying debris, et cetera.

What to wear in Amsterdam in July

Count on warm weather. Even when it rains it never quite gets cold.

There is no need to carry around an umbrella. Should it rain, simply duck into one of the many cafés or coffee houses.

Amsterdam Climate

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