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More people with foreign nationality in Amsterdam

Amsterdam — The number of people in Amsterdam with a nationality other than Dutch has increased for the first time in a number of years.

Many of the newcomers came from Eastern Europe, in particular from Bulgaria, Romenia and Poland. So says a report from O+S — the municipal service for Research and Statistics. [1]

At the moment, people from 176 nationalities live in Amsterdam. In all of Holland, there are 190 nationalities.

Street market at Plein '40-'45 in Amsterdam West

Street market at Plein '40-'45 in Amsterdam West

In their research, O+S does not consider a person’s nationality, but rather his or her origins. The country of birth, and of the parents, is indicative.

Autochthonous and Allochthonous

According to the researchers someone whose father or mother were born outside the Netherlands is allochtoon (English: allochthonous).

This Dutch word is derived from Greek αλλος (allos), other, and αλλος (chthōn) earth/land — literally meaning “originating from another country”. It is the opposite of the word autochtoon — in English, “autochthonous” or “autochthone”; derived from Greek αυτος (auto), self literally meaning “originating from this country”. [2]

Among Amsterdam allochtonen, 75% has a Dutch identity.

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