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The I amsterdam City Card – worth it!

The I amsterdam City Card (yes, with a lower letter ‘a’) is a pass that provides free or discounted access to many of the city’s museums and attractions.

The one-, two-, three or four day pass also allows you to freely travel on Amsterdam’s excellent public transport system.

The pass costs €57,00 (24 hours), €67,00 (48 hours), €77,00 (72 hours) or €87,00 (96 hours) respectively.

Amsterdam Marketing figures the card will save you

These potential savings are based on visiting 3 attractions a day plus public transport.

You may actually save more if you also take advantage of the card’s additional benefits — such as the free canal cruise, and discounts on concerts, theatre, rentals, restaurants and more.

Will you save money with the I amsterdam city card?

How much money the card will save you depends on how many of its benefits you will realistically use. But over 93% of those who have purchased the card have indicated their satisfaction.

Customers usually highlight both the savings (“Good value for the money”) and the convenience of the pass (Read the reviews).

Note that without the I amsterdam city card a canal cruise can easily set you back €9-15. Expect to pay similar rates for a bike rental.

A visit to one of the top museums costs €15 – €20.

Add the cost of public transport (and, face it, the hassle of figuring out its ticket system) and you’ll that it’s a good idea to get yourself a city card.

Benefits of the I Amsterdam City Card

The many benefits of the I amsterdam city card: free entrance to museums, free canal cruise, free public transport, and much more. [Click for larger version]

In addition, there are many offerings in the Greater Amsterdam region, including:

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