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The Floating Dutchman is no more

If you’re looking for the amphibious “Floating Dutchman” bus tour from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol through the canals of Amsterdam and back, look no more.

The tour, which was operated by Rederij Lovers, no longer exists.

A promo for the Floating Dutchman, whose maiden voyage took place in 2011

What seemed like an interesting concept fizzled out and was eventually cancelled.

In cooperation with the airport, trips with The Floating Dutchman were marketed by Lovers as a layover option.

Lovers (pronounced “loafers” — although they don’t mind hearing ‘lovers’ either) has ordered four buses. The first bus cost 2.5 million euro — three times higher than was budgeted.

Tickets for the 2-hour tour, 45 minutes of which actually on the water, sold at 39 euros per person.

However, Schiphol airport bowed out of the project when it turned out the amphibious bus frequently was grounded due to technical issues.

With the airport no longer in the picture, Lovers — one of the largest companies offering canal cruises in Amsterdam — pulled the plug on the ‘Most Splashing Way To See Amsterdam’.

A canal cruise remains Amsterdam’s top tourist attraction.

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This post was last updated: May. 23, 2017