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About DutchAmsterdam.com

This travel and visitors guide to Amsterdam, Holland, is a website written and operated by a handful of Amsterdam locals – not by paid professionals, tourist office officials, or any other agency.1

We love this city and enjoy sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

Amsterdam is truly the world’s most unique city; a thriving, world-class metropolis in pocket format.

belt of canals from the air

The ‘canal belt’ or ‘belt of canals‘ (grachtengordel in Dutch) gives the old city its iconic look.

Amsterdam is joined at the hip with Serendipity

We could easily fill this page with tourist-brochure prose describing what Amsterdam is all about. But Amsterdam is best experienced in person, and experience shows that the best way to enjoy this city is to simply wander around, browsing and sampling all that it has to offer.

There is so much to see, do, taste and otherwise enjoy around every corner that you’ll soon find yourself adopting Amsterdam’s laid-back attitude.

Here’s what travel expert Rick Steves has to say about Amsterdam. Check out his guide to Amsterdam and The Netherlands

Most first-time tourists try and plan their trip to the minute — only to find out once they are here that Amsterdam is joined at the hip with serendipity. This is a city where you discover and enjoy things by happy chance.

That’s the same way we approach this web site. You’ll find that using DutchAmsterdam is much like wandering through Amsterdam itself: you’ll enjoy the sights, discover unique shops, decide to sample the food and drink at a local cafe or two, and happen upon lots of other things to see and do.

Basic, no-nonsense information about Amsterdam

At the same time our aim is to provide basic, no-nonsense information about Amsterdam. Quick facts you can use in planning your visit. Like so:

  • Where to stay: hotels, youth hostels, bed and breakfast, campings…
  • Places to see (tourist attractions, museums, unique sights)
  • Where to shop (We’ll guide you to Amsterdam’s best-loved stores and boutiques)
  • Things to do and Tourist traps to avoid
  • Eating and Drinking (from ‘brown cafes’ and coffee shops to restaurants)
  • Things to do, and lots of other stuff, including:
  • Practical information about transportation, the weather, the money, safety, churches, and so on…

In preparing this web site we rely on our own experience as well as the input of friends, family members and acquaintances. We’d also love to hear from you.

Why ‘Dutch Amsterdam’?

No big story, really. When we started to look for a suitable domain name the plain ‘Amsterdam-dot-something’ sites were already taken — some of them by people who wanted to sell them for more money than we’ve ever even seen.

So we looked for alternatives, and since a number of cities are called ‘Amsterdam’ (mostly in the U.S.), we thought it would be a good idea to show that this site is about the only original Amsterdam — the Dutch one: Dutch Amsterdam — or DutchAmsterdam, if you will.

The DutchAmsterdam Team

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  1. We do, of course, get paid for our work. DutchAmsterdam is registered as a business with the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce). But nobody tells and/or pays us to write what we write.
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