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Student rooms in Amsterdam: more supply, higher rental rates — Due to the economic crisis and the falling real estate market students have an easier time finding a room for rent in Amsterdam.

The average price per square meter is going down as well. However, since the average size of the rooms on offer has increased, so has the average monthly rent.

rooms for rent in amsterdam

According to research performed by — Holland’s largest room-rental website — in February 296 more rooms were available than in the same month last year. In March that number increased to 408 rooms.

The average rent price dropped 5,4 percent in February, and nine percent in March — but is still 8,9 percent higher than last year, even though the rate per square meter dropped sharply (9%) to 23,25 Euro.

On average, rooms in Amsterdam are now advertised at €464 per month — €122 higher than the national average. That is due to an increase in the number of large rooms on offer, currently with an average size of 19,78 square meters.

A spokesperson for Kamernet says that is a result of the trouble housing market. “Many couples have bought a new home, but have not yet sold their old house. Many of them decide to temporarily rent out rooms.”

Pieter Joep van der Brink of Makelaarsvereninging Amsterdam (Realtors Association Amsterdam) does not think renting out one’s second home will be a trend. “I don’t believe many couples will trust three 19-year-old boys with their €500.000 apartment,” he tells Amsterdam daily Het Parool.

Kamernet responds, “Perhaps they’d rather not at first, but when the monthly expenditures get too high they will have to. Necessity breaks the law.”

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This post was last updated: Dec. 1, 2014