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See 15 Bridges from one spot

Amsterdam is sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the North.” That’s because the city is criss-crossed by 165 canals, creating hundreds of small ‘islands’ that are connected by over 1280 bridges.

There is one spot in the center of town where you can see 15 bridges at once!

Find your way to Thorbeckeplein, which is adjacent to Rembrandtplein. Walk straight ahead (due South) to Herengracht. [Google Map] With your back to the Thorbeckeplein, you can see 6 arched bridges across the Reguliersgracht. Looking down the Herengracht to the left, you see another 6 bridges. To your right, two bridges are visible. The 15th bridge is the one you’re standing on.

Learn more about the bridges of Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Heritage web site.

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This post was last updated: Oct. 15, 2006