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Amsterdam a ‘cesspool’? Bill O’Reilly exposed as a liar

Update: Now that ‘cesspool’ Bill O’Reilly has finally been forced out by Fox News, we recall that time when he spewed total nonsense about the city of Amsterdam…

Here’s What Happened When Bill O’Reilly Called Amsterdam a ‘Cesspool’

Amsterdam, July 30, 2009 — “Amsterdam is a cesspool of corruption, crime, everything is out of control. It’s anarchy.”

So says Monica Crowley, a talking head on the O’Reilly Factor, an opinion program broadcast by Fox TV.

On the program Bill O’Reilly misinterpreted information about the pending closure of some of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops and used it to attack both the City of Amsterdam and — by extension — Barack Obama, whom O’Reilly believed wanted to turn the U.S. into one big Amsterdam.

Fox News is of course itself seen by many as a prime distributor of fertilizer packaged as news and opinion.

However, when 25-year-old Robert Nieuwenhuijs, a graduate of Amsterdam’s Film Academy, saw the program he created a video response destined to become a YouTube hit:
The Truth About Amsterdam — a video response to Fox ‘Cesspool’ News

And here’s the follow-up video after Bill O’Reilly provided further proof of being a cesspool of misinformation:

Amsterdam: A World Class City in Pocket Format

We may be biased. Amsterdam is our hometown after all. But we invite you to come an see for yourself what Amsterdam is all about.

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