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Amsterdam will not ban beer bikes

Amsterdam, Aug. 30, 2009 — Beer bikes will not be banned in Amsterdam, but their freedom of movement will be curtailed.

The bikes are pedal-powered bars at which ten to sixteen people drink beer while negotiating Amsterdam’s busy streets. They are popular with hen- and stag parties as well as with other groups of revelers.

Beer bike on the road

The driver, either provided by the rental company or by the group itself, is not allowed to drink alcohol.

Nevertheless, the vehicles have been involved in a number of safety incidents.

After several such accidents, Amsterdam alderman Hans Gerson (Traffic and Transportation) last June announced he was researching whether it would be legally possible to ban the bikes.

A ban on beer bikes already exists in the city of Valkenburg, in the South of the Netherlands, due to a plethora of complaints about nuisance caused by the groups of drinkers.

Gerson has now concluded that while a ban goes too far, the operators of the party bikes must be licensed.

In addition, the alderman will ask the city’s boroughs to meet with representatives of the rental firms in order to discuss the terms under which the bikes may be operated.

“They will only be allowed on certain routes where they can not do much harm, and not during peak hours at busy locations,” Gerson told Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool.

The bikes were already banned from the Red Light District where a ban on public consumption of alcohol is in effect. — DutchAmsterdam.nl

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