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Knopenwinkel (Button Shop)

Yes, indeed, the Knopenwinkel (Button Shop) sells buttons. Lots of buttons, in all colors of the rainbow, thousands of varieties, and in all shapes and sizes. But there’s more.

The Knopenwinkel has the look and ‘feel’ of an art gallery. There are paintings, sculptures, handmade bags, and intricate strings of colorful beads. Over there are beautiful shawls; over here is antique Chinese furniture.

While some people do come to the Knopenwinkel to find that one, special button to replace one that was lost, most customers come to select buttons that are destined to compliment their own unique creations.

Owner Thea de Boer first opened shop in 1986, in the nearby Wolvenstraat. Many online- and printed Amsterdam tourist guides still list her old address – even though that shop closed in 2001.

Like the first shop, Thea’s current Knopenwinkel is located in the so-called ‘Negen Straatjes‘ (Nine Streets) shopping district. OK… technically the shop is just outside the Nine Streets, but we’re talking just a few steps. You’ll find the Knopenwinkel on Herengracht, just a few paces south of the corner of Wijde Heisteeg and Herengracht – across from the Biblical Museum. (Tip: After you’ve visited the Knopenwinkel), turn left and head for the canal-side bench for a short break).

By the way, don’t miss this charming painting of the Knopenwinkel, painted by Moscow-based artist Anna Pavlova. You can see some of her work in the exhibition space at the Knopenwinkel.

Address & Contact Information

Herengracht 389 [Google Map]
1016 BC Amsterdam

Phone: 020 – 626 9472 [Amsterdam phone info]


Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00 – 18:00 (11 AM – 6 PM)

Web Site : Knopenwinkel Official website of the Knopenwinkel

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