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Amsterdam Memory Game

Amsterdam is the world’s most cosmopolitan city.

As a brand Amsterdam is known all over the world. Matter of fact, it is even better known than The Netherlands (that’s Holland, to most Americans), of which it is the capital.

Amsterdam is full of iconic people, sites, buildings, objects and brands.

The Amsterdam Memory Game [UK] celebrates the city’s diversity with beautiful, full-color images of Amsterdam.

The challenge is to find matching pairs of typical Amsterdam bridges, street brands, ladies behind red light windows, houses, architectural details, canal boats, kitsch Amsterdam souvenir, bikes, shop windows, famous Amsterdammers, et cetera.

In a twist to classic memory games the matching sets each consist of two different pictures, such as two statues, two canals, two sets of bikes, or the Westerkerk seen in two different seasons.

It’s the perfect gift for tourists and lovers of Amsterdam.

Incidentally, the game includes a couple of photographs provided by Dutch Amsterdam :)

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This post was last updated: May. 18, 2011