Whether you are visiting Amsterdam for a vacation, a business trip or a layover, you’ll have many hotels to choose from.

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Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam itself currently has 459 hotels with a total capacity of 30.716 rooms en 67.240 beds. There are an additional 220 or so hotels in the city’s metropolitan region.1

But the city is often faced with a shortage or potential shortage of hotel beds during peak periods. It really pays to plan ahead and book your accommodation early.



  • Hotel prices tend to be higher during the months of April-May and September-October
  • Hotels in or close to Amsterdam’s city center tend to be more expensive
  • The average price for a hotel room in Amsterdam is €150.2
  • Amsterdam is a small city with a highly efficient, finely-mazed public transport system. Even if you stay in a hotel in the suburbs you can easily reach the city center.3
  • In an effort to alleviate overcrowding, a ‘hotel stop‘ effecting large parts of the city — not just in or around the center — has been announed for 2017. Partly as a result, room prices are not expected to fall any time soon.

Hotels in Amsterdam range from Budget/Youth Hostels and Bed-And-Breakfast places to Boutique- and Luxury Hotels.

Hotel Amrath

Grand Hotel Amrâth is located in the Scheepvaarthuis (‘Shipping House’) — a building that is one of the Top 100 Dutch Heritage Sites

There are a few places you’ll want to stay away from. One of the benefits of booking a hotel in Amsterdam via Booking.com is that you can see what previous guests thought of the place. Read their reviews.

Amsterdam city center, suburbs, or metropolitan region?

While many tourists prefer to stay in a hotel in the center of Amsterdam, the city’s excellent public transport system makes staying in the suburbs or even in the metropolitan area a viable option.

Mind you, the metropolitan area is huge (by Dutch standards, at least), encompassing the provinces of Noord Holland and Flevoland. Pay attention to the locations of the hotels you view. Our hotel partner Booking.com includes a ‘Show on map’ link with each listing.

That said, first-time visitors will love staying in the center of town, while the districts of Oost (East), Oud Zuid (Old South) and Oud West (Old West) also are great choices that will give you a true feeling for what life in Amsterdam is like.

Others prefer a hotel in the suburbs — for reasons of price, availability, proximity to Schiphol airport or the business districts of Sloterdijk or Zuidas — or simply because not everyone likes the hustle and bustle of downtown Amsterdam.

And check this out: Amsterdam Noord — long a sleepy bedroom suburb ‘where a true Amsterdammer would not be caught dead’ — nowadays is an up-and-coming, must-see district with top restaurants, quaint villages, nature areas and cultural hot-spots even the New York Times raves about. Located just across the river IJ (pronounced more or less like ‘eye’), it is close to the city center.

One popular, inexpensive place to stay in ‘Noord’ is the ‘Amstel Botel‘ — a hotel on board of a converted river cruiser. A free, 12-minute ferry ride across ‘Het IJ‘ brings you to Amsterdam Central Station.

More expensive, but very popular indeed, is the upscale Mövenpick Hotel — which aside from having amazing views of both the city and the IJ — is Green Globe certified for its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Hotel de L'Europe

Hotel de l’Europe is a five-star hotel located on the Amstel river in the center of Amsterdam

Budget? Luxury? Different?

Some Amsterdam hotels you may want to consider include:

Luxury Hotels

Boutique hotels

Floating hotels

  • Amsterdam Houseboats
    Originally introduced as a way to alleviate a severe housing shortage after World War II, houseboats are an iconic part of Amsterdam. Some 3.050+ of these floating homes line many of Amsterdam’s 165 canals. If you’re looking for a truly unique stay, rent yourself a houseboat.
  • Amstel Botel
    This converted river cruiser is moored at NDSM, a former shipyard in Amsterdam Noord. The botel provides shuttles, but most guests prefer to take the free ferry for the trip between the hotel and Amsterdam Central Station — a 12 minute ride across the city’s river IJ.

Innovative concept hotels

  • Crane Hotel Faralda
    Have you always wanted to sleep in a crane? Well, here’s your chance. Set in a former shipyard crane of 50 m high this unique hotel features 3 design suites overlooking the river IJ, with panoramic views across Amsterdam. There’s a jacuzzi in the former operator’s cabin at the top of crane. The free ferry takes you from this popular shipyard-turned-cultural-breeding-ground to Central Station in 12 minutes.
  • Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy
    Designed by Dutch artists, each of the 117 rooms in this transformed historic building is unique. They range from 1 to 5 stars, primarily based on size. The nearby tram service takes you to Central Station in 10 minutes.
  • CitizenM Amsterdam
    Each room at citizenM Amsterdam has wall-to-wall windows and an extra-large bed with luxurious linen. With the Ipad minis guest can modify room color, climate control, control the smart-tv and also adapt the blinds and black-out curtains. Guest can also bring and connect their own device. The bathroom facilities consist of a transparent pod with a rain shower in the room. Coolness!

    Note: this hotel is just 750 m from the RAI Conference Centre. If you’d like to stay near the airport instead, select CitizenM Schiphol Airport

Romantic Hotels

  • Hotel Estheréa is a romantic, four star hotel located in a row of beautiful historial buildings along the Singel, one of Amsterdam’s oldest canals. While it is situated in a quiet part of the canal, the hotel is very much in the center of medieval Amsterdam, only 300 meters from Dam Square. It is in walking distance of museums, shopping districts and night life districts. The area is home to a plethora of cafés and restaurants. This hotel has a classically-styled decor with wooden paneling, and each of Hotel Estheréa’s stylish rooms are romantically decorated.

Budget hotels and hostels

And now some background information about Amsterdam’s municipal hotel policy:

Hotel Stop

During the past 10 years, 30.000 new hotel rooms have been added in Amsterdam. Many new hotels have opened in former office buildings in the business centers of Sloterdijk (in the west) and Zuidoost (south east). In the center of town 33 new hotels, with a capacity of 2.900 rooms, have opened since 2006.

The municipality’s hotel policy was aimed at keeping Amsterdam lively and affordable for tourists and business travelers alike.

Problem: a highly successful city marketing campaign has led to a boom in tourism. Hotels are frequently filled to capacity, resulting in higher room rates. [Not to mention a very busy city center, in which many locals now say they feel as if they are living in a theme park. You’ll hear the term ‘Disneyfication‘ a lot nowadays].

The municipality has now declared a hotel stop for 2017. Theoretically, permits for additional hotels will not be issued.

Theoretically, because some areas of town are covered by a “No, unless…” policy. The way the city puts it, ‘unless’ means: if the proposed new hotel really adds something to a street or neighborhood; if it is a sustainable project; and if it provides more than just a night of sleep. Also, local residents must be consulted, and their opinion counts in the decision of whether or not to grant a permit.

In addition, some 78 hotel projects already approved can still be completed. That means that as things stand now, until 2022 some 6500 new hotels rooms — more than 1000 per year — will be added in the region.

These projects include several low budget ‘group hotels’ thought to attract the type of tourists many Amsterdammers would rather not continue to welcome.

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  1. These numbers are from July 2016, as reported by Research and Statistics (O+S), City of Amsterdam.
  2. Source: Hotel Price Index 2015, by Hotels.com
  3. You do need to verify that your hotel is close to public transport. Google Maps is your friend here. Also take into account the cost of public transport tickets.