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Amsterdam court bans beer-bikes

Effective immediately, beer bikes — Moron Movers, as many locals refer to them — have been banned from the center of Amsterdam.

After years of legal wrangling, a court has issued a verdict acknowledging that the City’s restrictions are legal.

Amsterdam will not ban beer bikes

Amsterdam beer bike Beer bikes will not be banned in Amsterdam, but their freedom of movement will be curtailed.

After a number accidents, Amsterdam alderman Hans Gerson (Traffic and Transportation) last June announced he was researching whether it would be legally possible to ban the bikes.

Amsterdam City schedules beer bikes roundtable

Amsterdam Beer Bike Following a number of incidents, the City of Amsterdam is organizing a roundtable with operators of beer bikes — pedal-powered bars at which ten to seventeen people are served beer while biking through the city.

The City is researching whether it is legally possible to ban the bikes from its historic center.

Should beer bikes be banned from Amsterdam’s city center?

Beer party bike, Amsterdam The municipality of Amsterdam is researching whether it is legally possible to ban so-called ‘beer bikes’ from its city center, a spokesperson for aldereman Hans Gerson has announced.

The pedal-powered bars, at which ten to seventeen people drink beer while biking their way through Amsterdam, have been involved in several recent accidents.