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Gay man violently attacked in Amsterdam

Amsterdam police Two men violently beat up a gay man in Amsterdam because of his sexual orientation. Two suspects have been arrested.

Under Dutch law, should it be proven that the men acted out of homophobia, any resulting punishment will be increased by 50 percent.

British want their criminals back from Amsterdam

British ciminals most wanted amsterdam police Amsterdam has taken over from the “Costa del Crime” of southern Spain as the preferred hiding place for Britain’s most wanted fugitives, British newspaper The Telegraph says.

Amsterdam police this week appealed for help in finding six British criminals suspected of crimes including rape, manslaughter and drug smuggling, believed to be in hiding in the Dutch City.

Panel of customers advises Amsterdam City Council on well-being of prostitutes

Amsterdam Red Light District A panel of customers of prostitutes in Amsterdam has been advising the city since this summer on issues such as human trafficking and forced prostitution.

Critics say the city’s policy of reducing window prostitution, as part of efforts to spruce up and repupose Amsterdam’s city centre, will force many prostitutes underground — possibly subjecting them to abuse and exploitation.