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Video: Ice Skating on the Canals

Amsterdam canals ice skating video Technically it’s still winter, of course, but today the sun is shining and the deep freeze that had all the Netherlands in its grip for a week or so is only a memory.

With that in mind, here we present one more video — this one in retro style — of the ice skating fun we Amsterdammers had last week.

Video: Ice Skating on the Canals of Amsterdam

It’s been more than a decade since the winter weather in Amsterdam was cold enough — for long enough — to allow people to ice skate the city’s famous canals. But the winter of 2012 will long be remembered for its excellent ice skating weather. Watch this beautiful video.

No ice skating on Amsterdam’s canals for now

Amsterdam ice skating canals Effective this thursday, the city of Amsterdam wil cancel a recent ban on sailing through some of its canals.

The ban was meant to allow a network of canals to freeze over — turning a large section of the city into a giant ice skating rink. But the weather isn’t playing along…