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Key part of Amsterdam’s Red Light District cleanup program ‘unfeasible’

Amsterdam Red Light District One of the cornerstones of a project set up by the city of Amsterdam’s to clean up and re-purpose much of its downtown area — including the Red Light District — is ‘unfeasible’ because the city lacks the money to complete it.

That is the conclusion reached by two independent research firms which earlier this week released scathing reports on the feasibility of Amsterdam’s goal to drastically reduce prostitution and related businesses.

Panel of customers advises Amsterdam City Council on well-being of prostitutes

Amsterdam Red Light District A panel of customers of prostitutes in Amsterdam has been advising the city since this summer on issues such as human trafficking and forced prostitution.

Critics say the city’s policy of reducing window prostitution, as part of efforts to spruce up and repupose Amsterdam’s city centre, will force many prostitutes underground — possibly subjecting them to abuse and exploitation.

Amsterdam wants to transform Red Light District sooner rather than later

Amsterdam Red Light District The city of Amsterdam wants to make haste with its efforts to clean up its world-famous Red Light District.

Reportedly within three years it plans to start expropriating property owners who refuse to close their brothels, Dutch press agency ANP reports. To make this possible the city will soon change the zoning plan for the district. So says Pierre van Rossum, who heads up Project 1012.

The connection between Amsterdam’s coffeeshops and organized crime

Amsterdam coffeeshops The number of coffeeshops in Amsterdam’s Red Light District will be reduced by 34 percent over the next 3-6 years.

The closures are meant to make a dent in the estimated €21 – 42 million in un-taxed, yearly profits made by organized crime syndicates that officials have documented as being involved on the supply side.

The proposed measure, expected to be accepted by the Amsterdam City Council, is part of a large-scale project to clean up and repurpose Amsterdam’s city center.

26 coffeeshops in downtown Amsterdam must close their doors

Coffeeshops Amsterdam According to the Municipality of Amsterdam the large number of coffeeshops in the center of town create an infrastructure that encourages criminality. The City refers to such establishments as ‘crimogene‘ — a term used to describe functions that encourage ‘promotion or advancement of — or susceptibility to — criminality.’

The closures are part of the Coalition Project 1012, designed to spruce up downtown Amsterdam by — among other things — breaking the influence of organized crime.