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Dramatic shortage in student housing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam student housing There is a dramatic shortage of student housing in the Netherlands, says DUWO, a Dutch foundation that specialises in building and managing a diverse range of residences primarily for use by students.

“The shortage is dramatic,” says DUWO director Jan Benschop. “It has never been as bad as it is now.”

Cruise ship housing students to move to different location in Amsterdam

Student housing aboard Amsterdam-based cruise ship The cruise ship Rochdale One, currently anchored in the Westerpark area of Amsterdam, this summer will sail across the IJ estuary to Amsterdam-North, where it will moor at one of the quays near the NDSM wharf.

The ship, which is home to 190 students, must make way for planned housing construction. With Amsterdam housing in high demand and short supply, student housing especially is difficult to find.

Creative solutions include housing students in converted shipping containers, on board the converted cruise ship, or in cabins formerly used by asylum seekers.

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