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The Coat of Arms of the City of Amsterdam

The Coat of Arms of the city of Amsterdam is somewhat of an enigma: not much is known about its origins or its precise meaning.

However, we do know that the three X’s don’t stand for anything untoward.

Also: we’ll tell you why a vexillologist really likes the Amsterdam City Flag

The 737th birthday of Amsterdam

On October 27, 1275 Floris V, Count of Holland, granted the inhabitants of ‘Amestelledamme’ the right not to pay toll fees on goods moved throughout the county.

It is in part thanks to this toll concession that the small village quickly grew into a major commercial center.

Rental rates in quarter of Amsterdam shopping streets reduced

Amsterdam shop rental rates Rental rates for retail space in one quarter of Amsterdam’s shopping streets have gone down this year, Amsterdam daily Het Parool reports.

The crisis is to blame, but in some streets so are the much-delayed construction activities surrounding the problem-plagued new metro line.

Meanwhile, shop keepers in one popular shopping district are being priced out of their stores.

Drug dealer murdered in Amsterdam was on the run from Irish police, gangs

Amsterdam Water Police An Irish drug dealer whose remains have been found in an Amsterdam canal had fled Ireland to avoid imprisonment and to escape gang members who held him responsible for revealing information that led to discovery of their drugs factory.

Amsterdam police found his remains three weeks ago in the water near Diemerzeedijk.

The body of Keith Ennis (30), from Clondalkin, Dublin, had been dismembered and stuffed into bags, suitcases and trash bags.

What lurks beneath the water of Amsterdam’s canals?

Amsterdam canals Radio Netherlands reports that rubbish is dredged from Amsterdam’s waterways at the rate of 18,000 cubic metres per year, including beds, couches, small boats, stethoscopes, guns and even a dead body. Not to mention hundreds of discarded bicycles.

Ashleigh Elson goes out on patrol with Waternet’s dredging team.

Starbucks Schiphol: No Stars

Starbucks Amsterdam We’ve given the two Starbucks stores at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport a fair try — nine times, actually. But we’re still not impressed, and we’ll tell you why.

We’ll also point you to some alternative Schiphol stores that serve excellent coffee drinks.