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The connection between Amsterdam’s coffeeshops and organized crime

Amsterdam coffeeshops The number of coffeeshops in Amsterdam’s Red Light District will be reduced by 34 percent over the next 3-6 years.

The closures are meant to make a dent in the estimated €21 – 42 million in un-taxed, yearly profits made by organized crime syndicates that officials have documented as being involved on the supply side.

The proposed measure, expected to be accepted by the Amsterdam City Council, is part of a large-scale project to clean up and repurpose Amsterdam’s city center.

26 coffeeshops in downtown Amsterdam must close their doors

Coffeeshops Amsterdam According to the Municipality of Amsterdam the large number of coffeeshops in the center of town create an infrastructure that encourages criminality. The City refers to such establishments as ‘crimogene‘ — a term used to describe functions that encourage ‘promotion or advancement of — or susceptibility to — criminality.’

The closures are part of the Coalition Project 1012, designed to spruce up downtown Amsterdam by — among other things — breaking the influence of organized crime.

Amsterdammers tell City officials what they think about Red Light District cleanup efforts

Amsterdam Red Light District Amsterdammers who live in the area affected by Project 1012 — the City’s plans to reduce the number of brothels and coffeeshops in Amsterdam’s downtown area and Red Light District — were invited to have their say during a meeting with city officials.

Many of them feel stigmatized by the suggestion that their businesses are somehow promoting criminality.