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Amsterdam has surprisingly few live webcams. But it does have some excellent ones.

Amsterdam Dam Square Live Stream

Webcam: Live view of Dam Square, Amsterdam. Note: The advertisement is placed by the operator of this webcam. We are not associated with this company, and are not compensated by showing this video.

The previous version of the Live Dam Square Webcam stopped in September 2023. Below is a recording of what the camera used to show.

Provided by Webcam.nl – Note: the live webcam is temporarily unavailable. Instead, enjoy this 10-minute impression on Dam Square on a quiet day in November, 2022.

One of the most popular live streams covers the famous Dam square.

The Dam1 is named after a dam in the river Amstel.

Among other things you’ll see the Royal Palace, the monument honoring those who died during WW II, the ‘New Church,’ and the iconic Bijenkorf warehouse. The palace is undergoing maintenance and restoration work on its roof.

As for the New Church, check out how to tell apart Amsterdam’s Old Side and the (older) New Side.

Webcam: Damrak and Amsterdam Stock Exchange

This live ultraHD Pan Tilt Zoom camera provided by Webcam.nl shows Damrak, the Bijenkorf warehouse, and the Amsterdam Stock Exchange

The Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX), now known as Euronext Amsterdam, is the world’s oldest stock exchange still in use today.

It was set up in 1602, after the establishment of the Dutch East India Company.

This live webcam shows the current stock exchange building at Beursplein. (‘beurs’ = bourse) Also shown is the Bijenkorf warehouse, and a portion on Damrak — the main street between Amsterdam Central Station and Dam Square. The latter is seen at the top of the screen.

Amsterdam River IJ and Central Station Webcam

Another popular livestream webcam shows alternating views of Amsterdam’s waterfront — the river IJ, the PTA cruise ship terminal, and Amsterdam Central Station.

[Note: Stops working from time to time. At night this webcam switches to black & white and a lower resolution]

See those ferries sailing back and forth? They connect Amsterdam North (at the left of the screen) with the rest of Amsterdam. You can ride them free of charge, as often as you like. Mind you, that’s a lot more fun to do when the weather is nice and sunny than it is during the cold months.

You’ll see docked river cruise ships in the top right-hand corner. Seafaring cruise ships dock to the left of the nearby tall building.

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Singel Canal in Downtown Amsterdam

Singel Hotel is located at the Singel canal in downtown Amsterdam. Camera provided by Social Hotspot.

Courtesy of the highly-rated Singel Hotel in downtown Amsterdam you can take a look at a section of the Singel canal. At this spot, the canal features houses built in the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. Many of them are listed monuments.

The church tower in the distance is the Westertoren. Anne Frank in her famous diary wrote that she could hear its bells from the hiding place. Indeed, the Anne Frank House Museum is just steps away.

Look at the bridge the camera zooms in on, and notice all the parked bicyles. Technically it is illegal to park your bike on a bridge — but this is Amsterdam, where gedogen is a way of life.

Also shown are typical houseboats, including the so-called Poezenboot” (cat boat) — a cat shelter (the light blue boat with solar panels on the roof). The camera will zoom in so you can spot some the cats.

Atop the Haarlemmersluis – a 17th century bridge and lock – is Stubbe’s Haring stall, one of the most popular herring stalls in Amsterdam. (Trust us, it’s there, albeit behind the trees :)

The tall building in the distance houses the offices of the Port of Amsterdam. The Port of Amsterdam webcam, which provides a view of the river IJ, is situated on top of that building.

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Sixhaven Marina

The Sixhaven marina is located right across from Amsterdam Central Station on the river IJ. The ultraHD webcam is provided by Webcam.nl

The Sixhaven marina is located right across from Central Station on the river IJ. The station is the building on the left (with the word ‘Amsterdam’ on its roof). The tall building to the right is the A’DAM tower, featuring Europe’s highest set of swings (you actually swing right over the edge of the building).

The other tall buildings are the IBIS hotel (middle left) and the Havengebouw (Harbor building). The latter is home to the offices of the Port of Amsterdam.

Want to See More of Amsterdam? Pay a Virtual Visit

You don’t have to travel to Amsterdam to enjoy its sights and sounds.

On a virtual visit you can walk, sail, or ride (by bike, car, or tram) through Amsterdam no matter where you are.

How to Pretend You’re in Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans Windmills and Open Air Museum Village live stream

The ultraHD Pan Tilt Zoom camera is placed on-top of the museum showing the Zaanse Schans windmills. The ultraHD PTZ webcam is provided by Webcam.nl

Just outside Amsterdam is de Zaanse Schans tourist attraction: an open air museum village with a row of working windmills. This photogenic place makes for a nice excursion.

This is a living village. The distinctive green, wooden 18th and 19th century houses are occupied. (Imagine having 6000+ tourists a day trying to peer into your living room).

You can visit the windmills to see how mustard seeds are ground, how paint pigments are produced, or how logs are sawn utilizing wind power.

Elsewhere in the village you can see blocks of wood transformed into clogs. And (speaking from experience) you can feast on tremendously delicious pancakes.

Underwater Bicycle Parking Garage, Amsterdam Central Station

This webcam showed the construction of the underwater bicycle parking garage at Amsterdam Central Station. See the time-lapse video below for a recap.

Missed the construction? No worries. Here’s 4 years of work in just 60 seconds:

Timelapse: construction of the underwater bicycle parking facility at Amsterdam Central Station

Not nearly as picturesque, perhaps, but something typical of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. As the saying goes, “God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.” Nearly 26% of the country is below sea level, and about 50% of the land is just a little over 3 feet above sea level.

We’ve learned to live with water — and to use it to our advantage.

Amsterdam Central Station has been a construction zone for years now. It started with the building of the Noord/Zuid metro line, and continued with various projects in an around the station.

The webcam live-streamed the construction of an underwater parking garage that provides space for 7.000 bicycles. On March 29, 2022, water was pumped back into this basin. See the construction zone before the water returned, and what the area looked like before construction began.

Information about the Underwater Bicycle Parking Garage (opened January 26, 2023)

Amsterdam Bicycle Crossing

This “Crazy Bike Crossing” is at the busy intersection of Sloterkade and Hoofddorpweg in the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid.

Speaking about bikes, this fascinating webcam is pointed at a busy intersection in Amsterdam-Zuid. The camera’s point of view makes the Hoofddorpweg look quite narrow. But it is a broad street [Photos: Google Street View and another one], albeit a short one. Past the bridge, the name changes to Zeilstraat. The photos show that the street features dedicated bike paths, car lanes, tram rails, and at this point a center divider.

How busy (and “crazy”) the intersection gets depends on the time of day. You may want to view this webcam during morning- and evening rush hours (roughly 7:00-8:00 am, and 5:00-7:00 pm, CET – well, Amsterdam time.)

bicycles being fished from the canals of Amsterdam

Can you guess how many bicycles end up in the canals of Amsterdam?

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  1. Amsterdammers say ‘duh damm‘ – with the a as in father, but shorter. Plein (square) is not added. Oh, and people who use ‘The Dam’ as a nickname for Amsterdam are clueless.
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