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Can you use your cell phone or mobile phone in Holland?

How to use your cell phone in the Netherlands
How to use your cell phone (mobile phone) in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands

Easiest solution: Pocket WIFI

Enjoy a pocket hotspot device rental service. Access the web in Amsterdam and throughout the EU.

With Pocket WIFI you avoid expensive data roaming charges or connecting to insecure public internet points. Most importantly, you save yourself the time and hassle of looking for free Wi-Fi every time you need an internet connection.

With Pocket WIFI, you won’t have to change your sim card during your vacation or buy a high-cost data package in advance. 

This is an unlimited package at truly 4G/LTE speed – it is secure and works everywhere in Europe. There are no speed limitations at any level of data usage. Watch movies, play games, make online calls, stream your playlists, share your memories, use live navigation, and more.

Bring a late-model mobile phone

A current mobile phone (cell phone) offers the best compatibility with overseas phone systems.

Not only that, but most late model phones also come with excellent cameras. If you are going to visit Europe, you’ll want to bring home the highest quality photos, right?

Is my mobile or cell phone compatible?

Like most countries in the world the Netherlands uses the GSM cellular phone system.

GSM provides excellent coverage along with crystal-clear sound, indistinguishable from that of land-based phones. In fact, in Holland (where ‘cell phone’ are referred to as ‘mobile phones’) many people have given up their regular phone lines in favor of mobile phones only.

The GSM system is

compatible with mobile phones sold in

• Australia,
• the UK, and
• most of Asia.

It is not compatible with older phones sold in

• Japan, or with
• many of the phones sold in North America.

Wait. Is is “cell phone” or “mobile phone”

Throughout the world a phone that is not connected by a wire is called a mobile phone.

In North America, the term cell phone is often used instead of mobile phone.

Frankly, it doesn’t really matter how you refer to your smartphone.

Overseas Calling Plan

Tell family members and friends to get an overseas calling plan before calling your mobile phone while you are abroad. Otherwise they will end up paying exorbitant rates.

You Need a Dual-Voltage Charger

Don’t forget to bring your battery charger. It must be dual-voltage (electricity in the Netherlands is supplied at 220V/50hz).

Mind you, electricity sockets in the Netherlands (and throughout Europe) are incompatible with American plugs. In order to be able to charge your phone (or use anything electrical, like a shaver or a curling iron) you should bring a travel adapter.

Cell Phone Stores / Mobile Phone Stores in Amsterdam

If you only plan to use a cell phone/mobile phone within Amsterdam (or indeed within the Netherlands) an inexpensive phone complete with a pre-paid calling plan is an excellent alternative. Buy one locally of the ubiquitous downtown phone stores.

You can buy extra pre-paid cards at Albert Heijn (supermarket), tobacco stores, or those phone stores again.

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