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Public Transport to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Public Transport Tickets Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

Main entrance and exit at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Shown here at nighttime. The square in front of the main hall is called Schiphol Plaza. This is where you find buses, shuttles, and taxis. The entrance to the underground train station is inside Schiphol’s main hall.

Travelling between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam by public transport is easy, inexpensive, and fast. Best choice: bus or train.

Best way to get from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam (and back)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the main international airport in the Netherlands. It is located 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) as the crow flies southwest of Amsterdam in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer.1By car the distance is 20 kilometers (12.5 miles)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Amsterdam, Public Transport Ticket Options

Best/Most Popular Option
Train, Bus, Tram, Metro
Amsterdam Travel Ticket 1-3 Days [Or Plus Region]
Train transfer between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central Station (and/or any train station) plus all public transport within Amsterdam (or plus region).
Very Popular Option
Train Only
Train transfer Schiphol Airport to/from Amsterdam Central Station
Trains run every 10 minutes
Bus only (between airport and city center)
Amsterdam Airport Express (Bus 397)
Roundtrip Airport – City center, including Museumplein and Leidseplein. Does not serve Amsterdam Central Station.
Popular Addon
Bus, Tram, Metro (within the city only)
Amsterdam Public Transport Ticket (1-7 days)
Unlimited bus, tram, metro, within Amsterdam. No airport transfers.
Schiphol – Amsterdam Public Transport
Ticket Options

Other Amsterdam Airport Schiphol transfer options

Schiphol Airport Public Transport Map

Map showing the location of public transport options at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
This map shows the location of public transport services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Includes Amsterdam Airport Express, buses, taxis, Uber, and more. Officially approved taxis can be found only at the taxi rank indicated. Recruiters for rogue taxis try to divert travelers away. Ignore them.

Amsterdam Airport Express / Bus 397

One of the most popular options to get from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam is the Amsterdam Airport Express bus.

Benefits of this airport shuttle bus:

  • Comfortable and inexpensive ride into town
  • Mobile tickets (no need to print)
  • Low entry access
  • Has stops close to many hotels [Partial list]
  • Departs every 8 minutes
  • Free WiFi
  • Quick charge your phone for free during the ride.
  • Not good if you need to go to Central Station (Take the train instead)

Amsterdam Airport Express Bus Tickets

Also known as Bus 397 Airport Shuttle. (Outdated travel guides, both online and in print, often still incorrectly refer to the old name: Bus 197).

You cannot buy tickets on the bus. You need to purchase return tickets (€11,75) in advance. The tickets are valid up to 14 days. Either print your voucher or use your mobile ticket to board.

Amsterdam Airport Express (Bus 397) Destinations

The Amsterdam Airport Express (Bus 397) does not go to Central Station, but stops at (among others):

  • Museumplein (28 minutes ride)
  • Rijksmuseum (32 minutes)
  • Leidseplein (34 minutes), and
  • Busstation Elandsgracht (38 minutes)

Many hotels, guesthouses and other accommodations are within walking distance of these stops. If needed, at each of these stops you can transfer to nearby streetcars or taxis. And of course, here you also find the bus that will take you back to Schiphol Airport.

The final stop, bus station Elandsgracht, is located on the edge of Amsterdam’s famous Jordaan district.

Where to Board the Amsterdam Airport Express

Walk to Platform B17 at Schiphol Plaza. Look for a red bus marked ‘Amsterdam Airport Express’ or Bus 397. See this map. (Some old guidebooks call this bus an “Airport Shuttle”).

The bus station is located at Schiphol Plaza — the square in front of the main hall.

After you exit the main hall you will see two rows of bus stops just across the street from the taxi rank. (See our Amsterdam Airport Public Transport Map above).

Additional bus stops are to the right. This includes the one for the popular Amsterdam Airport Express. The stop is just beyond the overhead walkway that connects the terminal with the parking structure.

Look for a bus with a red roof and black sides. You’ll see the R.NET logo on the sides and the front of the bus. The LED signs on the bus will say, ‘397 Leidseplein Amsterdam’.

The Amsterdam Airport Express bus (Bus 397) looks like this.

You’ll see this bus referred to as Bus 397, Amsterdam Airport Express, or 397 Airport Shuttle. From midnight through about 5 AM Niteliner N97 services this route.

Timetable Amsterdam Airport Express Bus

  • During the day the Airport Express (also known as Bus 397) departs every 7.5 minutes. It runs between 7:20 AM and 12:44 AM.
  • At night this route is serviced by Niteliner N97. This night bus runs every half hour between 1:15 AM and 4:44 AM.

Train From Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station

Train Tickets

Schiphol, Amsterdam’s airport, is located 12 kilometers (7,5 miles) as the crow flies southwest of the city. The airport includes a train station – right underneath the main hall.

By the way: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is not serviced by tram (light rail) or metro lines.

Amsterdam Train Stops Along This Route

  • Station Lelylaan (about 7 minutes). The vast majority of tourists do not disembark here.
  • Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station (about 11 minutes from Schiphol). Located in the Amsterdam-West Borough, home to many hotels.
  • Amsterdam Central Station (about 15-20 minutes from the airport)

At Amsterdam Centraal Station, you’ll have many options to travel further into the city and beyond: by local or regional bus, metro, tram, or taxi. [See Popular Addon in our public transport chart]

Where to Board the Train from Schiphol to Central Station

At Schiphol airport the train station is located underground. You reach the platforms via escalators or elevators in the main hall.

Trains to Amsterdam Centraal Station usually leave from track 1, 2, or 3. Check the signs above each escalator to make sure. [Train Tickets]

Where to board the train to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Trains from Amsterdam Central Station to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport leave from platforms 13, 14, or 15. [Train Tickets]

These are the last three platforms at the rear of the station — the side closest to the river IJ. You’ll see either an ‘a’ or a ‘b’ behind the platform number — ‘a’ indicates the western side of the platform (with your back toward the river IJ that is on the right-hand side), and ‘b’ indicates the eastern side.

Trains servicing Schiphol Airport leave so frequently that you do not need to plan for a certain time. Depending on which train you catch, the ride takes 13-17 minutes.

In the evening there are fewer trains. During the night, between 1 am and 5 am one train an hour leaves for the airport.

At Schiphol your train arrives in an underground station, where escalators or elevators will take you one floor up to the central hall. From there you can walk to Departure area 1, 2, or 3.

Train + Metro Line 52

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is not yet serviced by a metro line. A subway service is being discussed, but there are no concrete plans yet.

The Noord/Zuid lijn (North-South line), Metro 52 runs between Station Noord (North) and Station Zuid (South). Its stops include Amsterdam Central Station.

A direct train ride between Schiphol and Central Station takes about 13 minutes. A train ride to Station Zuid, and on to Central Station by Metro 52 takes about 25 minutes.

Timetable Trains between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam

Trains to and from Amsterdam Central Station run 8 times an hour — so once every 7.5 minutes. Signs above the escalators will show you when the next few trains depart, and where they are headed.

Screens near the yellow ticket machines list trains that will depart within the next half hour or so.

Note the type of trains indicated in the timetables:

  • Sprinter stops at Lelylaan, Sloterdijk, and Central Station.
  • Intercity or Intercity Direct only stops at Central Station

The difference in travel time is 3 minutes.

Where and How to Buy Amsterdam Train Tickets

Train Tickets

Alert! Pickpockets!

Be extremely on the alert for pickpockets. The trains from Schiphol to Amsterdam are prime hunting grounds for these criminals. That includes the platforms at the train station, as well as the areas around the ticket machines.

Take precautions and do not let yourself be distracted. Do not turn your back on your luggage. Keep handbags and purses where you can see them. Make sure all pockets on your backpack are closed and secured.

These animals hunt in packs. The kind person apologizing to you for ‘accidentally’ bumping into you during the hustle and bustle of boarding the train probably is trying to divert your attention. Meanwhile his accomplice extracts your wallet from your pocket or backpack.

Pickpockets also operate at the various train stations along the route. If you are sitting near an exit, hold on to your luggage to prevent grab-and-run theft. Mobile phones and tablets are also targeted.

Schiphol Hotel Shuttle

The Schiphol Hotel Shuttle was discontinued on March 19, 2020.

Taxi from Schiphol to Amsterdam

Private Transfer

Some travelers prefer to bypass all public transport hassles by pre-booking a private or shared transfer. Usually meant for ‘groups’ or ‘families.’ But many business travelers and other individuals also enjoy the convenience, comfort, and level of service provided.

The driver will pick you up at a pre-arranged spot inside the airport. You can meet either at the Meeting Point in the main hall (near the Burger King), or where you exit the bagage claim area.

Make sure the driver knows your flight number so that he or she can take delays or terminal changes into account.

Regular Taxi

Amsterdam’s street taxis are among the most expensive in Europe. The 30-minutes ride from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station will set you back about €60. (Museumplein or Leidseplein: about €50).

Note that traffic jams (not unusual around the airport) may result in higher charges.

Taxis to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol have become more expensive compared to 2022.

According to the Airport Taxi Report Summer 2022 (Dutch language only), at €3,53/km for the 17 kilometer ride, Amsterdam ranks among the top most expensive cities for a taxi ride from the airport to the city center.

There are some pitfalls to consider as well:

Don’t get overcharged by your taxidriver

Confirm the above rates with the driver, so he or she knows that you are aware of the average cost.

After all, when mystery guests took 200 cab rides in the Amsterdam’s licensed taxis they found that only 10 percent of their rides were without fault.

According to the Taximonitor 2018 (published in November 2019) 1 nearly 40 percent of the trips involved major violations, such as unnecessary detours and price manipulation.

If you had a bad experience with a taxi company or driver, you can lodge a complaint at the website of Taxiklacht.

Avoid Rogue Taxi Cabs at Schiphol

Don’t get taken for a ride!

Arriving passengers are accosted — at times even within the airport’s buildings — by people who offer (at times aggressively) taxi services. These taxi drivers are not licensed to operate at Schiphol.

Legal measures introduced in 2017 have worked only in part.

At times, tourists are still quite literally taken for a ride. Some are charged hundreds of euros for a trip that should cost less than 50 euro.

Nowadays recruiters for rogue cabs now attempt to divert travelers by yelling “TAXI!” while holding up “TAXI” signs. Ignore them. (Yes, even the ones that wear jackets and signs saying, ‘Official Taxi’ or ‘Licensed Taxi’)

Taxi from Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport

Note: a taxi ride from Amsterdam back to Schiphol Airport typically costs less because there is more competition.

While Schiphol has licensed several taxi companies to pick up passengers at its official taxi rank, all taxi firms are allowed to drop off passengers at the airport.

Only Board a Taxi at the Official Taxi Rank

At Schiphol, select a taxi only at the official taxi rank in front of the main hall.

Theoretically you can choose any of the taxis you see there. You are not obligated to take the first one in line. However, lately airport-authorized ‘hosts’ have been used at peak times. Follow their instructions.

Of course, you could also catch a taxi after travelling to Amsterdam Central Station by train. You can do so at the Westernmost section of the IJzijde – the part of the train station that faces the river IJ — right across from the ferry boat landing.

Visitors who travel into town with the Amsterdam Airport Express Shuttle can transfer to a taxi at the bus stops along the route (Museumplein, Rijksmuseum, Leidseplein, and bus station Elandsgracht at the edge of the Jordaan district in old Amsterdam).

Uber to and from Schiphol Airport

In Amsterdam Uber is both legal and efficient. Uber is approximately 50% cheaper than traditional taxi services. This is usually the preferred transit choice for DutchAmsterdam team members.

Uber Amsterdam provides several economy, green, and premium options, depending on availability. They can all be ordered via the Uber app (Apple and Android versions).

Uber Pickup spot at Schiphol

At Schiphol Airport the pickup spot for Uber is across from exit B on the Arrivals level. See this map.

Exit B is not in the main ‘Schiphol Plaza’ hall. Here’s how to get there:

Look for the Esprit fashion store inside the main hall. Just across from it you’ll see Gassan Plaza jewelry store. Enter the shopping corridor between these two shops, and you’ll soon see Exit B on your left hand side.

UberX, Uber Green

Once you’re outside, locate the Sheraton Hotel across the street. Cross the crosswalk into the direction of the hotel. Across from the Sheraton’s main entrance, look for a glass shelter alongside the street. This is the UberX or Uber Green pickup spot at Schiphol.

Uber Black, Uber Comfort, Uber Van

For Uber Black, Comfort, or Van you cross the same crosswalk, but only to the center island. Stay there and look for your car to arrive.

Schiphol Airport to and from Cruise Ships Terminal

If you are traveling to or from the cruise ships terminal, check your transfer options on our Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) page.

Rent a Car at Schiphol Airport or in Amsterdam

Would you prefer to rent a car at Schiphol airport, or anywhere in Amsterdam?

Note: we do not recommend this. Amsterdam is a nightmare for car drivers. The city is actively discouraging car traffic. Too, there are countless construction projects (and detours). And we haven’t even mentioned the steep parking fees. Trust us: unless you are heading for a place outside Amsterdam, take a taxi instead.

A word about Bus 369

Note: Taking this bus only makes sense if your hotel is near the Sloterdijk train station. Even then you are better off taking the train. The bus ride takes 41 minutes. The train gets you there in 11 minutes.

But also note: this is the only public transport option between the city and the airport that can be used for free by holders of the popular I amsterdam City Card.

Bus 369 is the only part of Amsterdam’s Public Transport system that services Schiphol Airport. Technically Schiphol is outside Amsterdam’s municipal borders. That is why the former GVB bus line 69 has been rebranded as bus 369, now operated by the regional R-net2

  • Destinations: Takes you to train station Amsterdam Sloterdijk (final stop, 41 minutes), where a growing number of hotels are located in the vicinity. From there, you can reach Central Station either by bus (22) or by train.
  • Where: Platform B17, the second row of bus stops at Schiphol Plaza, across from the taxi rank.
  • When: Schiphol Airport to Sloterdijk from about 5:30 am through 1:00 am. Sloterdijk to Schiphol from about 4:30 am through about 12:20 am. Since this is a city bus with many stops along the way, the full trip takes about 50 minutes.
  • Tickets: €3.40, (or, if you prefer, a day pass at €9,00) purchased from the driver.

    Note: you cannot pay cash on board any buses or trams. In the bus or tram you can pay by Dutch pinpas (debit card) or with any major credit card. You can purchase (multiple) day tickets ahead of time.

Schiphol Flight Status

Check your flight’s status before traveling: Departures | Arrivals

Hotels at or near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

If you only have a layover in Amsterdam, or you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, book a hotel or inn at or near the airport.

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  1. The Taximonitor is published only in Dutch. The report is produced by the City of Amsterdam’s department Onderzoek, Informatie en Statistiek (OIS; Research, Information and Statistics)
  2. R-net is a collaborative project of governments and public transport operators providing regional public transport in the Randstad area of the Netherlands

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