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Map of Amsterdam

We’ve got a Google map of Amsterdam with links to various tourist sights, museums, and other attractions.

You can also download an Amsterdam map — either to print, to share, or to use as a PDF.

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Plus: find out what Amsterdam’s street names mean.

Map of Amsterdam, larger view

Many of the articles in Dutch Amsterdam include links to — or have embedded — Google maps customized for each entry.

That way we can provide you with relatively uncluttered maps.

The map you see above is also powered by Google. As with all Google Maps, you can zoom in and move the map around with the options at the top left, or select a different view with the buttons at the top right. The markers shown are linked to pages within the Dutch Amsterdam website. We’ll be adding more markers as we go along.

This map is presented as part of our Amsterdam Guide, which provides basic tourist information.

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Map of Amsterdam – Print or PDF

Map of Amsterdam. Click the map to download it as a printable PDF file, or right-click the map to save or share it as an image.

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Understanding Amsterdam Street Names

As in many other places, the names of streets, squares, lanes, markets, canals and neighborhoods often convey a historic meaning. Throughout Dutch Amsterdam we try and explain these names whenever we think doing so adds to your understanding of historic and modern Amsterdam.

Here, though, we’ll briefly tell you what the suffixes attached to the street-names mean — making it easier to understand the above map, or the map in your Amsterdam Guide Book:

Dutch English
achterburgwal rear fortified embankment
baan lane
dam dam
dijk dike
gracht canal
haven harbor
hof(je) courtyard
kade quay
laan lane
markt market (place)
pad path
plein square
schans earthen defense wall
straat street
voorburgwal front fortified embankment
weg way