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Amsterdam mayor demands activists stop using Ai!Amsterdam name and logo

Ai!amsterdam Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen is demanding that a local protest group stops using a name and logo similar to that of the city’s marketing campaign.

The pressure group, Ai!Amsterdam, was formed to protest an ever growing set of rules and regulations governing what can and can not be done in the city. The group’s name and logo are a take-off on the city’s marketing term, Iamsterdam.

Defeat for silly rule: You can once again drink while standing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam terraces Effective immediately it is once again possible to drink an alcoholic beverage at an outdoor café terrace while standing.

The rule had been on the books for years but was not enforced until it was dusted off by the rules-and-regulation loving folks who run the Amsterdam Centrum borough.

Cohen’s change of mind came after a pressure group organized a protest: an outdoor terrace attended by thousands of people, all drinking beer and wine while standing.