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Political party: Amsterdammers have the right to be intoxicated

Amsterdam drugs policy Amsterdam should have a more liberal drugs policy, says the local chapter of Dutch political party GroenLinks (GreenLeft).

In the concept of its campaign for next year’s town council elections, GroenLinks makes a case for a marijuana growing operation overseen by the City of Amsterdam. A handful of growers must be permitted to supply the product — provided they use ecological farming methods.

In 2010, will there be no more coffeeshops in the Netherlands?

coffeeshops amsterdam A Dutch criminologist predicts that two years from now, all coffeeshops in the Netherlands will have closed.

The coffeeshops — establishments where cannabis and other soft drugs can be legally bought and used — are under fire for various reasons, ranging from the nuisance created by tens of thousands of drug tourists, to ties to criminal organizations.

The mayors of some municipalities are closing the coffeeshops, while those of others towns — Amsterdam included — speak out in support of the current approach.