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Dam Square, Amsterdam

Dam Square (De Dam) is Amsterdam’s historic main city square, it is also the symbolic center of the Netherlands.

Dam Square is the primary location for official events, celebrations, protests, and national commemorations.

Amsterdammers typically try to avoid the square, but if you – as a tourist – skip Dam Square, you have not really seen Amsterdam.

Demonstration ban at National Monument?

National Monument, Amsterdam The City of Amsterdam is considering a ban on demonstrations in the immediate vicinity of the National Monument onDam Square.

Reason for the possible ban is a recent demonstration in front of the monument by Sharia4Holland, a Muslim hate group that denounces democracy and promotes the introduction of Islamic law in the Netherlands.

Beursplein to get underground bicycle parking garage

Amsterdam bicycles The willy-nilly parking of bicycles on Dam Square, Beursplein and surrounding areas will soon be a thing of the past, as far as Amsterdam’s city planners are concerned.

The latest version of the city’s ‘Red Carpet’ project includes plans for an underground garage for 1100 bicycles, to be contructed at Beursplein.