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Damrak – The Red Carpet into Amsterdam

Damrak is the main street that leads from Amsterdam Central Station, where most tourists arrive, to Dam square in the center of the medieval town.

This lively street, lined with centuries-old monuments, so-so bars, and gaudy souvenir shops, Damrak — which is in the middle of a makeover — offer a preview of what Amsterdam has to offer.

Beursplein to get underground bicycle parking garage

Amsterdam bicycles The willy-nilly parking of bicycles on Dam Square, Beursplein and surrounding areas will soon be a thing of the past, as far as Amsterdam’s city planners are concerned.

The latest version of the city’s ‘Red Carpet’ project includes plans for an underground garage for 1100 bicycles, to be contructed at Beursplein.

City of Amsterdam closes businesses on suspicion of money laundering

money laundering The municipality of Amsterdam has taken an important step in its fight against the degradation of Damrak.

It is withdrawing the operating permits of restaurants and hotels belonging to the controversial Barazani family, on suspicion of money laundering.

Often referred to by locals as the ‘kosher mafia,’ the Israeli family operates a number of hotels and restaurants.