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Amsterdam Light Festival 2019-2020 (and a much needed alternative)

The annual Amsterdam Light Festival is a winter event that combines light, art and — of course — water.

The organization promotes boat-, walking-, and bicycle tours along the 20 light art installations.

Now in its eight year, the festival says it drew 5 million visitors since its inception.

However, the festival leaves us (among others) underwhelmed.

We suggest an excellent alternative.

Soldiers allowed to wear militairy uniforms at Amsterdam Gay Pride canal parade

Soldiers may wear uniform at Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade Dutch soldiers are once again allowed to wear their military uniforms while participating in Amsterdam’s Gay Pride canal parade, Deputy Defense Minister Jack de Vries has announced.

The deparment emphasizes that it will not officially take part in the parade by sponsoring a boat, as it does not believe the parade contributes to a more positive image of homosexuals.