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Amsterdam Rental Scams

Criminals actively target the Amsterdam housing market. They use online advertising- and auction websites to defraud people looking for rooms, apartments or houses.

The apartments on offer either do not exist or are already occupied by legitimate renters or owners.

Here’s how you can avoid Amsterdam rental scams.

How to find and rent a room in Amsterdam

Housing in Amsterdam is at a premium, so students and interns (as well as locals) tend to have a hard time finding a room. We list several services and advertisers that list rooms for rent.

We also give details on how to avoid room rental scams. And did you know that certain types of properties come without renters’ protections (e.g. cancellation terms)?

Also: is your room legal or illegal? Are you allowed to register?

Plus: What to do if you are being charged too much rent.

Some Amsterdammers too rich to rent, too poor to buy

Amsterdam house rentals Nearly 10.000 Amsterdam households looking for rent-controlled homes no longer qualify for social housing since new EU rules went into effect at the start of the new year.

In Amsterdam 60.000 families, couples and individuals are actively looking for a new rental home. About 16 per cent of them have an income higher than €33.614 a year — since January 1 the income limit for social housing.