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Amsterdam metro crash injures 31

Amsterdam Metro A collision between two metro trains in an Amsterdam station has left 31 people injured.

The low speed collision occurred at Wibautstraat station, when a train full of passengers ran into a stopped, empty metro train.

Metro-committee slams Amsterdam city government

North South Amsterdam metro line The City of Amsterdam should never have approved the construction of the North-South metro line a special city council investigative committee concluded Tuesday.

The committee also urges the council to debate the risks associated with the planned drilling of a metro tunnel underneath the historic city center.

Controversial Amsterdam metro project must continue, committee says

Amsterdam Noord-Zuid metro lijn Amsterdam’s problem-plagued North-South metro project should go ahead as planned, a special committee recommends.

The independent Veerman committee, headed by former agriculture minister Cees Veerman, was set up to advise the city on the future of the new metro line — in light of constant budget overruns, revelations regarding deliberate lowball estimates during the bidding process, and damage to historic buildings.