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Amsterdam King’s Day 2021: All-Day Citywide Street Party

On King’s Day Amsterdam puts on the world’s largest street party. This year, however, the party moved indoors. King’s Day 2020, the Coronavirus Lockdown Edition, came and went. Here’s to hoping that everything will be back to normal in time for next year’s celebration.

Previously known as Queen’s Day, 2021 will mark the eight King’s Day in honor of King Willem-Alexander.

It’s actually a nationwide party, but Amsterdam definitely is the place to be.

Mark this date on your calendar: Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other world leaders promote Amsterdam’s Queen’s Day Celebrations

Amsterdam Queen's Day French president Nicolas Sarkozy in a well-meant embrace with Italy’s president Silvio Berlusconi. Barack Obama and Vladimir Poutin walking side by side, both wearing T-shirts saying, “Kiss me, I’m drunk.” Or Hillary Clinton with a well-filled bikini and wearing an orange wig.

That’s the new poster campaign with which Amsterdam Partners, charged with promoting the Capital of the Netherlands, hopes to inspire more foreigners to visit the city for this year’s Queen’s Day celebration (a.k.a World’s Best Party).