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How to find and rent a room in Amsterdam

Housing in Amsterdam is at a premium, so students and interns (as well as locals) tend to have a hard time finding a room. We list several services and advertisers that list rooms for rent.

We also give details on how to avoid room rental scams. And did you know that certain types of properties come without renters’ protections (e.g. cancellation terms)?

Also: is your room legal or illegal? Are you allowed to register?

Plus: What to do if you are being charged too much rent.

Dramatic shortage in student housing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam student housing There is a dramatic shortage of student housing in the Netherlands, says DUWO, a Dutch foundation that specialises in building and managing a diverse range of residences primarily for use by students.

“The shortage is dramatic,” says DUWO director Jan Benschop. “It has never been as bad as it is now.”