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Taxi wars at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amterdam taxi Taxi drivers licensed to pick up passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are sounding the alarm over illegal ‘taxi runners’ who solicit passengers and guide them to unlicensed cabs.

They tell Amsterdam TV station AT5 that on average they lose about 170 rides a day to the rogue cab drivers.

Amsterdam ash cloud fallout: no planes, few hotels — train stations overwhelmed

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol While a cloud of ash from the still-erupting Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland continues to slowly spread across Europe, stranded air travelers across the world are scrambling for hotels, trains, ferries and even taxis to reach their destinations.

Amsterdam’s main train stations — Central Station, Amstel Station, as well as the train station at Schiphol Airport — are overwhelmed with long lines of people trying to reach their destination by train.