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Video: Ice Skating on the Canals of Amsterdam

It’s been more than a decade since the winter weather in Amsterdam was cold enough — for long enough — to allow people to ice skate the city’s famous canals. But the winter of 2012 will long be remembered for its excellent ice skating weather. Watch this beautiful video.

Amsterdam: Fishing for a bike

Amsterdam canal bike fishing Even Amsterdammers sometimes need to be reminded that anything parked too close to a canal could end up in it…

Amsterdammer and bicycle enthousiast Marc van Woudenberg says, “I witnessed a bicycle getting blown into the canal by the wind. My friend Suze and I ventured outside to salvage it, here’s what happened.”

Boat trip through Amsterdam

Amsterdam canal boat ride If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday Amsterdam, a popular option is to take to the water.

Tour the canals of Amsterdam in your own boat, a rented sloop, or on board of a glass-topped canal excursion boat.