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Amsterdam weather in June

In terms of weather, June is a good month to visit Amsterdam. Lots of sun and blue skies, with the usual clouds and/or (brief) rain showers every now and then.

But frankly, thus far Summer 2024 is what the Dutch call a “Kwakkelzomer.”

Amsterdam weather in April

April weather in Amsterdam is a study in contrasts. It can be sunny and warm one day, only to look and feel like a fall day the next. Don’t believe us? Just keep checking our Amsterdam weather forecast for April 2024 throughout the month.

Amsterdam weather in February

Normally February is the one of the coldest months in the Netherlands. It’s a toss-up whether January of February is the coldest time of the year to spend in Amsterdam.

But February is also one of the driest months, and there are quite a few sunny days. Often this is the month that ice skating is possible.