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Amsterdam FAQ

Where is Amsterdam? How many people live there? What is Mokum? How many canals and bridges are there? Why do so many buildings tilt forward?

These and many more frequently asked questions about Amsterdam are answered right here.

Iconic ‘I amsterdam’ letters removed

Update: The brief return that didn’t happen

‘I amsterdam’ long was Amsterdam’s hugely popular marketing slogan. The set of giant letters — located at the back of the Rijksmuseum, and a stone’s throw from the Van Gogh museum — is among the most photographed of Amsterdam’s icons.

But now both the letters and the marketing campaign are history. Victims of their own success, as Amsterdam suffers under an onslaught of over-tourism.

The sign will be removed at the beginning of December.

Amsterdam drones

Amsterdam by Drone Check out this video with awesome drone views of Amsterdam. The sample reel highlights professionally shot drone footage you can purchase for your own project from Drone Snap Studio. Is it legal to operate a drone in Amsterdam? There are many Amsterdam drone videos on YouTube and elsewhere. But mind you: generally, flying a drone is Amsterdam is prohibited. Illegal. If you do so anyway you risk a fine and/of confiscation of your drone(s). If you are caught repeatedly breaking the rules, you also risk a prison sentence. Using drones in the Netherlands – official Government of