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How to find and rent a room in Amsterdam

How to find and rent a room in Amsterdam

Housing in Amsterdam is at a premium, so students and interns (as well as locals) tend to have a hard time finding a room. We list several services and advertisers that list rooms for rent.

We also give details on how to avoid room rental scams. And did you know that certain types of properties come without renters’ protections (e.g. cancellation terms)?

Also: is your room legal or illegal? Are you allowed to register?

Plus: What to do if you are being charged too much rent.

Airbnb in Amsterdam

Under certain conditions it is legal for citizens of Amsterdam to rent out their privately-owned homes via Airbnb and similiar services.

Airbnb, which currently has a market share of 12% of the city’s hotel sector, collects tourist tax on behalf of the city.

Meanwhile, Amsterdam is putting more restrictive polices in place in an effort to address the many problem caused by Airbnb and similar platforms.

The latest: Starting in 2019 Amsterdammers can only rent out their homes via Airnbnb and similar platorms for 30 days a year.

By the way: Amsterdam is the only capital city in Europe in which it is more expensive to spend a night in an Airbnb vs a night in a hotel.

5 Most important Tips on finding the right accommodation in Amsterdam

Hotel in Amsterdam Finding a place to stay in Amsterdam is not all that difficult, writes guest author Paul Symonds. But the key to spending a worry-free vacation is to prepare before you go.

Whether you are looking for a self-catering apartment, a bed and breakfast, or even a houseboat holiday rental, Symonds shares five tips to help you find and book the right spot.