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Boat trip through Amsterdam

Amsterdam canal boat ride If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday Amsterdam, a popular option is to take to the water.

Tour the canals of Amsterdam in your own boat, a rented sloop, or on board of a glass-topped canal excursion boat.

Sunny days in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam the weather always is a topic for conversation. It is so versatile. So changeable. People joke that the Netherlands often has four seasons a day. That isn’t quite true, of course. Then again, that saying was likely coined by someone who visited Amsterdam in March. Fortunately, we do get a lot of sunshine as well. Sunny days in Amsterdam are precious. Watch: That’s a video by Dennis Roelofs, whose company — Moving Art — provides professional audio-visual productions for companies and broadcasters. The video perfectly captures the ‘lazy sunny days in Amsterdam’ mood. Since the weather hasn’t been