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Often referred to as “the Venice of the north,” Amsterdam is nearly synonymous with its canals — 165 of them.

This collection of articles on canals includes descriptions, news items, and historical information.

Here’s a good overall introduction to the canals of Amsterdam.

No visit to Amsterdam is complete without having taken a canal cruise.

Video: Ice Skating on the Canals

Amsterdam canals ice skating video Technically it’s still winter, of course, but today the sun is shining and the deep freeze that had all the Netherlands in its grip for a week or so is only a memory.

With that in mind, here we present one more video — this one in retro style — of the ice skating fun we Amsterdammers had last week.

Video: Ice Skating on the Canals of Amsterdam

It’s been more than a decade since the winter weather in Amsterdam was cold enough — for long enough — to allow people to ice skate the city’s famous canals. But the winter of 2012 will long be remembered for its excellent ice skating weather. Watch this beautiful video.

Water in Amsterdam’s canals quite salty

Amsterdam canals It’s not recommended, but if you were daring enough to take a few sips of water you’ll notice a marked difference: the water in the IJ — the river behind Amsterdam Central Station — is considerably saltier than the water in, say, the Leidsegracht, a canal in the center of Amsterdam.

Boat trip through Amsterdam

Amsterdam canal boat ride If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday Amsterdam, a popular option is to take to the water.

Tour the canals of Amsterdam in your own boat, a rented sloop, or on board of a glass-topped canal excursion boat.

Amsterdam’s historic Canal Belt placed on Unesco’s World Heritage Sites list

Amsterdam Canals Amsterdam’s historic grachtengordel (literally, belt of canals) around the city’s center has been added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Many Amsterdammers view the listing as a mixed blessing. On the one hand they hope that strict Unesco rules will prevent the city council from further damaging the city. On the other hand they fear those same rules could turn Amsterdam in a ‘sleepy village.’