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In the Netherlands ‘coffeeshops‘ are places where cannabis is legally sold and used. Most of them brew a fine cup of coffee as well, but don’t mistake these establishments for family-friendly coffeehouses.

Currently there are 164 coffeeshops in Amsterdam. That means Amsterdam is still the coffeeshop capital of the world.

Mind you, back in 1995 there were 350 shops. In 2015 the number was reduced to 198.

Amsterdam’s policy is to have 160 coffeeshops in total.

At this time, June 2020, it is still possible for tourists to visit these stores. However, in the city’s fight against both overtourism and low-quality tourism, there is a bit of push toward legislation that would ban tourists from coffeeshops.

Coffeeshops and Coffeehouses

Upon their return home from Amsterdam many tourists recount colorful stories of how they ‘accidentally’ visited a coffeeshop (just like they ‘innocently stumbled into’ the infamous Red Light District).

If you don’t want to make the same mistake – or conversely, if you do – pay attention.