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Amsterdam’s ‘Dam Screamer’ again in trouble at Dam square

DutchAmsterdam.nl, June 14, 2010 — A man whose lengthy scream caused a stampede at Dam square in Amsterdam is in trouble again.

The reason we keep this archived news item online is that it provides context to a dramatic event that took place in Amsterdam on May 4, 2010. In local media this event and its aftermath still comes up from time to time. See our other articles on this same topic.

Last May the man disturbed the ‘minute of silence’ during the national Remembrance Day commemorations, causing a panic among the crowd of 20.000 observers. Dozens of people were injured during the stampede that followed.

This time two supervisors reported the ‘Dam Screamer‘ — as the media baptized him — to police for defamation.

The municipal workers approached the man during his attempt to deface the National Monument with posters. A scuffle ensued, during which the screamer shouted discriminatory insults at the supervisors.

Police jailed the man for one day, reports De Telegraaf.

‘Dam Screamer’ Likes to Shock People

The National Monument commemorates those who have died during the Second World War. Each year on May 4 it is the scene of a wreath-laying ceremony during which a two-minute period of silence is observed.

When the Dam Screamer, a homeless person identified only as Adam, loudly screamed during the period of silence, people pushed away from him. In the process a security fence fell over, causing a shot-like sound that set the shocked crowd in motion. 64 people were injured in the resulting stampede.

The man was arrested. He later apologized but now claims he did not cause the stamped.

Employees of cafes and restaurants along the nearby Spui street where Adam hangs out most of the time say the man enjoys shocking people.

Charged with — among other things — assault on the Queen, as well as her successor and his wife, the screamer’s pre-arrest was initially extended by 90 days. His lawyer successfully appealed the extension.

Photo credit (thumbnail on front page): Victor Schildkamp, Het Parool

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