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Amsterdam weather in May

Good news: In Holland, May often is the sunniest month of the year, with on average up to 15 hours of sunshine a day.

Oudeschans, Amsterdam

Originally a defense moat, the Oudeschans — with the 16th-century Montelbaanstoren — is a picturesque canal in the center of Amsterdam. Photo by Anton Hein.

However, May also tends to have as many cold days as it has warm days.

At night there can even be some frost, particularly in the first half of the month — though if and when that happens it is usually in the countryside far east of Amsterdam.

That said, the feast days of the so-called Ice Saints — May 11 through May 13 — are notorious for it.

Mind you, as so often is the case, the weather forecast for the rest of the country may call for sun, while much of the West (Amsterdam included) can be covered with clouds drifting in from the Northsea.

Updated May 25, 2020

As a service to our readers we update this page with weather forecasts throughout the month of May

Monday, May 25, 2020 Sunny intervals throughout the day. Expect about 80% sunshine during the morning hours; 35-50% from around noon through mid afternoon; and ±60% in the late afternoon and early evening. Almost fully sunny from about mid evening through sunset, which takes place at 21:34 (9:34 pm). No rain. Mid to late afternoon high around 19° Celsius (66.2° Fahrenheit).

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 Sunny intervals all day. Sunnier in the morning and early afternoon (50-80%) than later in day (25-45%). No rain. Mid to late afternoon high temperature 21° Celsius (69.8° Fahrenheit).

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 Overcast skies in the early morning; mostly cloudy during the late morning and around noon. Sunny intervals (75% sunshine) take the overhand in mid to late afternoon. Fully sunny in the evening until sundown. No rain. Afternoon high around 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit).

Thursday, May 28, 2020 The day starts out with sunny intervals (about 70% sunshine), and it will be fully sunny from early afternoon until sunset at 21:43 pm (9:43 pm). Today’s high temperature of 18° Celsius (64.4° Fahrenheit) occurs in the late afternoon.

Friday, May 29, 2020 Abundantly sunny during the morning and evening. Sunny intervals (about 80% sunshine) in the afternoon. No rain. Afternoon high 19° Celsius (66.2° Fahrenheit).

Saturday, May 30, 2020 Fully sunny most of the day. Sunny intervals from late morning through late afternoon. But with about 85% sunshine and an afternoon high temperature of 23° Celsius (73.4° Fahrenheit) a very pleasant day. No rain.

Sunday, May 31, 2020 Fully sunny from early morning through sunset. No rain. Afternoon high around 22° Celsius (71.6° Fahrenheit).

Long Term Forecast

Check our June weather forecast for Amsterdam.

Where our weather information comes from

Our weather information is based on long-term averages as reported by various meteorological services, including the Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI) — the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI).

Average Low and High Temperatures in May

Normal Average Low and High Temperatures in May in Amsterdam
May 1-107.3° Celsius (45.14° Fahrenheit)15.9° Celsius (60.6° Fahrenheit)
May 11-208.4#176; Celsius (47.1° Fahrenheit)17.4° Celsius (63.3° Fahrenheit)
May 21-309.2° Celsius (48.6° Fahrenheit)18° Celsius (64.4° Fahrenheit)

Things To Do

During the month of May lots of tourists visit Amsterdam. Book skip-the-line tickets, museums, excursions and activities ahead of time:


Due to high demand, hotel prices tend to be higher during the months of April and May. For the best rates (and to make sure you can even get a room) Book your hotel as early as possible.

Amsterdam weather in May includes lots of sun

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)1 notes that in recent years the months of April and May have been rather mild, sunny and dry.

But May 2013 was quite cold, somber and wet. Even the sunny days were cold.

May 2014 and 2015 were dreams: beautiful spring weather.

2016 brought us one of the warmest months of May since 1901 (8th in ranking).

Amsterdam Weather Facts: May

• Average lows: 7.2° C (45° F)
• Average highs: 18° C (64.4° F)

Sunrise & Sunset
• May 1 – 6:11 a.m. / 9:06 p.m
• May 31 – 5:26 a.m. / 9:51 p.m.

• Average: 52 mm (2.4 inches) in 44 hours

What to wear in Amsterdam in May

You’ll need to take into account the updated weather situation as described above, but normally this is what you’d bring:

Pack short-sleeved T-shirts or tops, and summer-type skirts and dresses — but also something slightly warmer for chilly evenings and for sunny but chilly days. Jeans, light-weight slacks, or shorts for guys.

Early mornings may look sunny but can still be cold enough to warrant sweats or a light jacket — especially when it’s windy.

After sundown temperatures cool off rapidly.

You probably won’t need an umbrella. If you do want to carry one, a small fold-up model will suffice. But showers usually are brief enough to wait them out over something to eat of drink at a brown café, a coffeehouse/coffeeshop. or a deli.

Cruise ship Amsterdam

Even though May is the sunniest month of the year, it won’t always be sunny. Here Amsterdam’s cruise ship terminal is shown under an overcast sky.


  • Sunny days are perfect for postcard-quality photos — especially now that everything is green. You can take beautiful pictures along the canals (particularly from bridges).
  • Grey and rainy days make for great dramatic pictures, particularly if you shoot in black & white (or later convert your color photos to B&W).
  • When the weather is good, do like the Amsterdammers do, and relax at an outdoor café. It’s perfect for people-watching.
  • If it’s rainy, plan on visiting some of Amsterdam’s 50+ museums
  • A bad weather day is also perfect for a visit to the cinema2. We can recommend a visit to the unique EYE Film Institute.

Amsterdam Climate

General information about the weather in Amsterdam
Local weather in other months


  1. Dutch: Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut
  2. In the Netherlands, most movies on TV and in the cinema are shown in the original language, with Dutch subtitles.
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